Thursday, May 26, 2016

Angry Bird Epic New Game for Android Download Avalible

Angry Bird EpicAngry Bird Epic New Game Download For Android MobileAll time Most Popular game Angry Birds are come with new installment this time name is Angry Birds Epic.
But this version is diffrent from others because this time no aim racing like angry bird go and no puzzling but this time they cam up with new twist swords and casting spells.Yh this is new for everyone.
In December2013, Company launch Angry Bird Go ,racing game come up with new concept. This time they change things and come up with battles of sword.
This game story is awsome the red birds are known as knight ,the dastardly pigs has stolen his eggs and they want back his eggs.

A few minutes in-game show it to be as bright and lively as others in the series, and about as open-ended — which is to say, not very. You'll be progressing along paths and battling preset groups of enemies, and you'll need to hoard resources to upgrade your helmets, shields, and so on.
Get rdy for an all-new adventure! This time it’s role-playing, so instd of a slingshot, your fthered heroes take on the pigs in turn-based battles! They will need all kinds of silly wpons, absurd power-ups, and mind-bending magic to deft those egg-stling scoundrels!

Gameplay Photo of Angry Bird Epic.Angry Bird epic
Angry Bird Epic has many new upgrades in wpons ,characters,power-ups and much more you see in game.
Angry Bird Epic Gameplay .
This game is avalible for download only Android, IOS and phone.
This game totally diffrent from others if you wanna tired from climbing into towers and slingshotted into birds and wanna try something new this thing is for you.
Download Angry Bird Epic from Google Play Store.
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