Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remove Country Redirection in

Google has local domain system examle if you live in India and You open you will be redirect to

This also works grt if you're using a VPN to get a foreign IP address, say, if you want to watch the FIFA14 in online fifa website or use other international apps. All you need to do is hd to The NCR stands for "No Country Redirect", and it'll take you back to the regular, English-spking without all the local results. Note that it will redirect to, so if you don't see the /ncr after you press Enter, that's normal.

Now this not give every results is what you want. So if you stuck from it try these
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So, is there a way to prevent the redirection and force open Yes, there is. And when you want to do that simply hit the URL, where ncr mns no country redirection.
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You only need to do this things at once because this settings is saved in form of cookies in browser

If you ever want to revert to the original behavior, just clr you browser cookies.
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