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Drift Zone v1.2.0 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Version : 1.2.0

Drift Zone v1.2.0 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up

Overview: Drive your passion for drift!

★If you are drift enthusiast = This is the game for You!

★ch challenge = one set of tires ed!

★One rule = only sideways ride is counted!
In The Game:

✪ fun

✪ speed

✪ g-force on every turn

✪ shiny rims

✪ awesome graphics

✪ 5 different ssons

✪ 16 different levels, and this is just the beginning!

✪ cars customization

✪ bullet time – helping drive your drifts to perfections

✪ lderboards – run for be the best
What’s New

– 4x time faster loading!

– optimizations
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Download Instructions:
Free Download Drift Zone v1.2.0 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]
Free Download Drift Zone 1.2.0 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Epic Dragons v1.03 APK Mod [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Version : 1.03

Epic Dragons v1.03 APK Mod [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: The dragons are under attack! Help them to defend their homeland by unlshing them on their foes. Use your abilities to launch explosive meteors and powerful lightning bolts upon those who would stl from the dragons!

Welcome to the world of Epic Dragons. You are the master of dragons and you need to help your fellow dragons out. Strategically place your dragons in order to block your enemies and collect 3 stars. This isn’t tower defense, this is DRAGON DEFENSE!!
Epic Dragons ftures:

+ 60 LEVELS across 3 worlds! Try to collect 3 stars on ch!

+ 9 DRAGONS, ch unique and extremely powerful

+ 6 ABILITIES to devastate your foes

+ WORLD CRTOR: sily crte and share your very own levels right from your phone or tablet. Just tap to crte!

+ Download, play, and rate other players’ levels from the community menu.

+ rn REWARDS whenever another player downloads your level. The better your level rating, the more you rn!
What’s New

-Added a “Skip” button to the tutorial

-You now have the choice to watch an ad instd of paying crystals in order to download a community crted level
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Download Instructions:
Free Download Epic Dragons v1.03 APK Mod [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]
Free Download Epic Dragons 1.03 APK Mod [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]

Bluetooth File Transfer v5.55 Ad-Free APK

Version : 5.55

Bluetooth File Transfer v5.55 Ad-Free APK

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP and OPP) for Android


Use your smartphone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth rdy device, using File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP): you can also receive files and send contacts!

GUIDE (by Absolutely Android)


* Custom security manager for incoming BT connections: only authorized devices can connect, if you accept. If you refuse, no access is granted on your servers: personal data files and privacy are safe against , nerd, geek and guru (enanched Bluetooth server security is disabled by default)

* 3rd party appliions can open (or pick) files from sdcard using this package like attachment, music, pictures or any multimedia file (no external intents are supported for performance purpose)

* Support for legacy 2.0 and AES (128, 192 and 256 bit) encryption (both pack and unpack) of Zip files (like WinZIP or WinRAR) – keep private document secure using a long pass to protect it

* Enhanced all-in-one app with the fastest file browser ever seen (you can verify by yourself, test it now)

* Professional, cln and fast UI where you can customize any aspect of the file viewer. Customizable user interface in order to best fit your needs (expert only)

* Thumbnails for APK, audio, , (also inside archive files: Zip, GZip, TAR) – thumb picture (miniature) not stored on cell phone memory

* It can connect to new and old cellphone: , , , (Android does not support infrared IR pan)

* Srch files also inside Zip, GZ, Tar (advanced srching inside archive can take double time to complete)

* Improved contact send function in order to manipulate telephone s on erated VCARD (vcf) files

* Cut, copy, move, paste, delete multiple items using the integrated explorer of this appliion

* You can full unhide (or hide) hidden media (both smartphone and sd memory)

* OBEX layer (obexftp and obexopp) entirely developed by Medieval Software

* Compress, uncompress and extract Zip (encrypt with ), GZip, Tar

* Clner program settings view using shortcut icons pane

* Sharing: you can share a single file or an entire path

* Powerful bookmark fture with precise sorting

* Contact send screen supports contacts groups

* Test and check archive integrity (deflate)

* Desktop folders shortcuts

* Calculate MD5 and CRC32

* Power saving management

* Strming service

* No root required

* Multi language

* Multiselect

* Home folder

* File sort

* Open as

Freeware with AD (free software) – You can now remove advertising from this appliion by purchasing “Medieval Licensing System” on the Android Market!

NOTE – SDPD (uuid port route) may not work on Android 1.5 and 1.6 so friend services could not rch you!

FAQ Why “Bluetooth File Transfer” requires the contact rd permissions?

A. In order to send your contacts over Bluetooth, if you wish, for example to your car-kit or to another smartphone. Open main menu, select Send contacts item, put a check beside the contacts you would like to send and finally press Send button.
What’s New

Version 5.55:

* Fix for Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

Version 5.50:

* Added the Phone Book Access Profile (OBEX PBAP) client in order to download contacts via Bluetooth.

Version 5.45:

* Removed the old live folder provider for home-screen;

* Fixed thumbnail engine for huge directories;

* Minor bug fixes.

Version 5.40:

* Stable version with additional bug fixes and Bluetooth improvements (for Android 4.x only).

Version 5.35:

* A lot of bug fixes.
Note: all pro ftures available.
This app has no advertisements
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Download Instructions:
Free Download Bluetooth File Transfer v5.55 Ad-Free APK
Free Download Bluetooth File Transfer 5.55 Ad-Free APK

Enigma Express v1.18.2 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Version : 1.18.2

Enigma Express v1.18.2 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: +++++ A surprisingly entertaining hidden object game (pocketgamer) +++++

+++++ A hidden object game fans won’t want to miss. (gameoos) +++++

Tm up with sassy super sleuth Hannah Dakota in a butiful hidden object game. Travel across the world and solve the mysterious bank robbery. Investigate different crime scenes and find stunning 3d objects. Eight mysterious objects have been stolen from a secret vault belonging to incarcerated criminal mastermind Five Fingers. What are they for? Who took them? And why are they worth killing for?
• FUN! Crted by the BAFTA-award winning studio who brought you Buzz! and Kinect Nat Geo

• BUTIFUL! Stunningly painted characters and loions

• FUNNY INTRIGUING! Written by International Emmy® Award winner Felicity Carpenter

• SOCIAL! Play with your friends – who is the most gle-eyed amongst you?

• A MUSICAL MASTERPIECE! Music composed and recorded by BAFTA-nominee Dom Beken

• REGULAR UPDATES! Always more mysteries to solve

• OPTIMISED FOR GOOGLE! Use Google Play Services for Lderboards and Achievements.
Download Enigma Express now and start your adventure!
What’s New

Plse make sure you’re playing the latest version of Enigma Express. As always, plse send any feedback you have to our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can find all the links on

Version 1.18 improvements:

* There’s a brand new country to explore with multiple new loions!

* Connect to your friends in more ways! Added support for more social networks.

* Tell your friends what a super sleuth you are by sharing your game stats on your social pages.
More Info:
Download Instructions:
Free Download Enigma Express v1.18.2 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]
Free Download Enigma Express 1.18.2 APK Mod [Unlimited Money]

Thumb board (PhoneTablet) v4. APK

Version :

Thumb board (PhoneTablet) v4. APK

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Thumb board is a flexible board that introduces a revolutionary and innovative “split” layout for Tablets and . A layout that makes thumb-typing sier, more natural and more comfortable. Besides that it is also a standard board with many ftures one will not find on a regular board.


• User customizable toolbar (with on/off toggle)

• Save much used phrases and enter with a touch of a button

• Height and width fully customizable!

• 7 different layouts (with special layouts accommodated for comfortable thumb-typing)

• Innovative split layout for small screens (): wider !! and better layout for thumb-typing in portrait mode (screenshot 3) and better accessible landscape mode (screenshot 5).

• multi-touch

• Text prediction: 6 languages supported (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch) included in the app. More to come as separate downloadable packages

• Bigram word prediction (predict word based on previous word – for Android 2.3 and higher)

• Split layout for Tablets and large screen devices: Better accessible for thumb-typing on 5″, 7.1″, 8.9″ and 10.1″ Tablets and 4″+ (screenshot 1 4).

No more unnatural stretching or juggling with your tablet…

• Full ftured standard layout (screenshot 2)

• Theme support (currently 8 themes, adjusted for several HD resolutions)

• Auto-correction

• Voice input

• User dictionary

• Separate and cursor

• accented, international character support ( ä/ü/ö/ß etc)

• Fast switching between layouts

• Adjustable height (with separate adjustment of bottom bar)

• predefined layout combinations for portrait and landscape or define your own combination

• sy popup boards for additional characters, s and smileys

• highly adjustable

• International boards: QWERTZ, AZERTY, modern Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish (more to come)

• And more ftures to come
What’s in this version : (Updated : Nov 13, 2014)

Fixed issue on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) that caused Thumb board to force close
More Info:
Download Instructions: rel. by : chathu_ac
Free Download Thumb board (PhoneTablet) v4. APK
Free Download Thumb board (PhoneTablet) APK

Totem Tribe Gold v1.1 Full APK

Version : 1.1

Totem Tribe Gold v1.1 Full APK

Requirements: 2.3.3 +


Help Aruku, a chief of the Hawk tribe, restore pce and ld her tribe to a better future in this rl-time strategy and adventure game!*

On a butiful chain of islands, life used to be pceful until a comet fell from the sky. Now, tribes and crtures that once lived in harmony are fighting ch other. Help reestablish balance by exploring the islands, gathering sacred Totems and returning them to their home – the Cradle of the North. To end the war once and for all, develop your villages, warriors and wpons by building huts, training grounds, archery ranges, scout lodges and barracks. Bring prosperity back to this struggling planet by enhancing the Hawk tribe’s skills and equipment.
● 32 Enchanted loions to srch*

● 22 Adventurous quests and mini-games*

● 20 Precious artifacts to loe and preserve*

● Rl-time strategy and adventure game*

Game available in: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korn, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


***Note*** This game supports high-end smart and tablets such as 7 and 10.
What’s New

Bring a long awaited pce to a struggling planet in this wonderful mix of strategy, adventure, hidden object and puzzles!

– Game crash fixed

– Minor improvements
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Download Instructions:

Foursquare v2014.11.13 APK

Version : 2014.11.13

Foursquare v2014.11.13 APK

Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: Our tastes are different, so why should we get the same srch results? The new Foursquare lrns what you like and lds you to places you’ll love.


Our tastes are different, so why should we get the same srch results? The new Foursquare lrns what you like and lds you to places you’ll love.

Foursquare is all about srching and discovering grt places, wherever you are in the world.

• Tell Foursquare your favorite things and it gets to know you. Every srch is tailored to your tastes, your past ratings, and picks from friends and experts you trust.

• Your tastes can be very specific like “whis” or “salted caramel.” Or more eral like “outdoor sting” or “used bookstores.”

• Lve tips to share your best discoveries. Pay it forward and rn expertise.

• Srch for restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops and more. See what’s nrby or plan ahd.

• When you arrive at a place, see insider tips: what’s good to order or something not to miss.

• Follow people and influencers whose tastes you trust, and their tips show first. Connect your Facebook and twitter accounts and see spots your friends have liked nrby.

Rdy for new adventures? Download the all-new Foursquare today.

Want to check in, keep up, and meet up with friends? Download our other new app, Swarm.

What’s New

When you open this update, you’ll see a totally-refreshed Foursquare:

– Looking for something quickly? We’ve updated the home screen to make it load faster and show even more recommendations.

– Want an sier way to rate places you’ve been? Now you can quickly rate places in your history.

– Love pretty new things? We’ve updated the app’s navigation structure to look like Android’s new material design.

Looking for a rly-November pick-me-up? Try srching for “Hot Cider” or “Churros.”
This app has no advertisement

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