Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nether rth v1.0 APK Mod (Mod Resources)

Nether rth v1.0 APK Mod (Mod Resources) Free Download

Version : 1.0

Description :

Nether rth v1.0 APK Mod (Mod Resources)

Requirements: 4.0 +

Overview: The player takes the control of the human side in a war against the mysterious Insignian race. All of the warfare is carried out by enormous military robots.

The player must build robots and give them orders to attack Insignian robots and capture neutral or enemy factories to incrse production and thus aid the war effort. The ultimate objective is to capture all the enemy bases and thus win the war.
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More Info:
Download Instructions: opera-fan

Nether rth 1.0 APK Mod (Mod Resources) Download

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