Thursday, May 26, 2016

How you get 4TB Cloud Storage

Saving important data in cloud services is a best option.But there is limit like 2GB in Dropbox ,15GB in Google Drive now what to do.
Cloud StorageHow you get 4TB Cloud Storage on SpeedyshareSpeedyshare is cloud services which offer upto 4TB space in Cloud services.This is much more data limit.
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Best Cloud File Storage and Backup servicesSpeedydrive FturesSpeedy drive is offering free online storage space for files like document, s, games, music and s. This is amazing and first of this kind of service that will be available anywhere you go with just one click and you don’t need to open any browser to see and upload your files. It will install a simple client and you just need to login, a mapped drive will appr in “My Computer” and you are good to go.
Store your files online and access them from anywhere just like if they were saved on an USB device thanks to Speedy Drive. Map your Speedy Drive as a network (for example G:) on unlimited of your computers.
Speedyshare Drive
Edit your documents, play music or even right away without downloading them. All your files will behave like if they were stored locally.
Speedy Drive enhances every single appliion on your computer by transparently connecting it to remote data. Open, play, edit, and save files directly from within your favorite programs.
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Speedy Drive Website

Download the client from under given URL:

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