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Top 10 Tips to Incrse Speed/Performance of Root Android and Tablet

Android Phone is one of the best discovery in 21st Century. With android phone you can do anything whatever you want from your android phone. Android phone comes in different prices and specifiions. If you buy average price and specifiion phone and your phone give you slower speed ,In this condition you need to do some customisations in your phone.

With my advice you can incrse your Internet ,WiFi and browsing speed in android.
Speed up Internet Browsing by Reducing/Compressing the Data Usage in Google Chrome Android Mobile Browser
Android phone main specifiion is performance and speed that's why this is better from other Smartphone OS. In this post We give you some best tips and tricks for speeding up your android phone.
Top 10 Android and Tricks for Your Android Phone

Top 10 Tips to Incrse Speed /Performance of Your Root Android and TabletTip 1: Updated with Latest Software and Android Apps.
If your android phone suffers battery drain problem, problem is outdated apps. So here I recommend you to download always latest apps from play store.

Tip 2: Less Priority to Landscape & Live Wallpapers.
Live wallpapers use lots of process in your android phone. Live wallpapers also drain your battery very fastly. So never use these type of live wallpapers. Always use black wallpaper in your android phone.

Tip 3: Making your Home Screen Cln
I see many of my friends use lots of shortcuts and widgets in android phone home screen. These android widgets and icons make slow your phone.

Tip 4: Reduce Animations Effects.
If you use launcher and other widgets that use animation. So i suggest you never download these appliions .You can also reduce your animation effects from developer mode in android phone.

Tip 5: Disable & Uninstall Unused Appliions.
Many android users install lots of unused apps in android phone. These unused apps use lots of data and process in your phone. So uninstall unused app in your phone.

Tip 6: Clr Cached files and Data.
When you download any android app from google play store, download apps make temporary folder and files in your phone. These files use lots of in your phone. Download cln Master for clring cache files and data.
Cln Master App Room Booster and Cln Junk files to speed up your phone

Tip 7: Go for Third Party Launchers.
If your default launcher give you slow speed try some best third party launcher NOVA App.

Tip 8: Disable Background Data.
Background data mns background process. When you connect your phone to the Internet you see lots of whatsapp ,facebook and gmail notifiions, yh this is background data. If you stop these type of processyou can make your phone faster and save your Internet Data.
Here's how you can turn off background data.Open your device's mainSettingsmenu.Under "Wireless & networks", selectData usage.Touch themenu icon (depending on your device, your Menu icon may look different).Make sure "Restrict background data" ischecked and "Auto-sync data" ischeckedNote: On some devices, your background data options may be underSettings>Battery & Data Manager>Delivery>Background data.
Tip 9: Factory Reset your Smartphone When Needed.
If you phone suffers from slow speed ,I suggest you to reset your android phone from factory reset. This is like formatting your phone. When you do this thing make sure you make backup of your phone.

Tip 10: Custom Rooting in One Click.

We all know android rooting process make our phone faster and smarter. So I suggest you to root your android phone
Android Full Rooting Guide for Every Phone with Advantages

Try all of these android and tricks for incrsing you android speed.

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