Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 10 Android and Tricks for Your Android Phone

Android is not just a machine ,It's much more than a machine. So today we post some best android and tricks. If you try these tricks in your android phone, you make your phone use like a pro. In this post we collect our top most viewed tricks post for android phone. When you try these apps make sure you root your phone. If you don't know how to root your phone follow our guide.

Android Full Rooting Guide for Every Phone with Advantages

Top 10 Android and Tricks for Your Phone

See live Download Internet Speed in Android Screen with Network MonitorWith this trick you can see your current Internet speed in Android Mobile. Network Monitor Mini is android app,with the help of this android app you can see your download and upload speed of the Internet.

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Make Your Android Mobile as Web Server and Host a Full Website On ItWe all know with android mobile ,we can do anything what we want. What about making a web server, this is right you can make your android as a web server. In PC we make web server with the help of XAMPP and WAMP. Now in android we use a KSWEB App.
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Disable Other Devices Connection on Wifi and t all BandwidthAll Public WiFi User face slow Internet speed in pc and Android Mobile. So How can you incrse your Internet speed by stopping other devices connection. This is one of the most popular android tricks. With this android trick you can sily kill other users wifi connection. WiFi Kill pro apk is android app.
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Remotely Turn Off Any Android Phone by Just Sending SMSThis is not a tricks but this trick give you more control over your android phone. With this trick you poweroff your android phone by just sending sms from another phone.Download and Lrn More
Turn your Android Phone Camera as a Surveillance IP WebcamYou can use your android camera as a surveillance IP Webcam. This trick is so useful when you want spy devices at free of cost. Everyone has Android Phone with camera. With this trick you can sily convert android camera as a spy camera.
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How to Change Your Android Mobile Device IDIf you download android apps that register and save your device ID , so with this trick you can sily change your android device ID.
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Change/Spoof Mac Address of your Android PhoneIf you are using that give you limited download data. With this trick you can sily change your mac and access unlimited data on limited wifi. So with this trick you can sily change and spoof your mac address of android mobile phone.
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How to change or repair IMEI in Android SmartphoneIn Android Mobile, sometimes your IMEI give you error. So with this trick you can sily change or repair your Android Mobile IMEI .
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Monitor and Spy Girlfriend Whatsapp Account from WhatsDogThis trick is only for whatsapp users. With this whatsapp trick you can sily spy on other whatsapp account users.Latest Whatsapp Full Guides , and Tricks 2014-2015Download and Lrn More

Know how Many People Using your Wifi Network with AndroidIf you are owner of WiFi network or you use a public wifi network, so how you know how many people and devices connected to your network. With Fing WiFi Network analyser you can see how many users are connected to your wifi network.Download and Lrn More
Try all of these android with your android phone. If you have any doubt feel free to contact me.

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