Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sms Center for all Operators - bsnl,reliance,id,airtel,vodafone,aircel ,uninor

Android smsAn SMSC Short Message Service Centre is responsible for delivering the SMS text messages of a mobile network through your mobile. When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone, it will rch an SMS Service Centre first. The SMS centre then forwards the SMS message towards the destination mobile network. An SMS message may need to pass through more than one network entity (e.g. SMSC and SMS gateway) before rching the mobile phone. The main duty of an SMSC is to route SMS messages and regulate the process. If the recipient is unavailable (for example, when the mobile phone is switched off), the SMSC will store the SMS message. It will forward the SMS message when the recipient is available. To be able to send SMS from your Mobile (Cell) phone you must first know the address of the mobile network operator's SMSC. Typically an SMSC address is an ordinary mobile phone in the international format. A mobile phone should have a menu option (in your sms menu settings) that can be used to configure the SMSC address. Normally, the SMSC address is pre-set in the SIM card by the mobile network operator, which mns you do not need to make any changes to it. Unless you want to use FREE SMSC's
Check Your Own Mobile - in All Network Provider
BSNLMessage Centre:+919440099997 (for olds),+919442099997 (forNew s),
IdMessage Centre:+919847099996
AirTelMessage Centre+919895051914
VodafoneMessage Centre:+919846000040
Reliance GSMMessage Centre:+919020000500
AIRCELMessage Centre:+919809099060
TATA DOCOMOMessage Centre:+919032055002
UNINORMessage Centre:+919084051550
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