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Extract\Decrypt Whatsapp Backup Messages

Whatsapp is now very popular messanger in any smartphone.So s wanna this and rd users messages so how how can he do it.I will show you everything in very detail. Whatsapp Messages is not sy because Whatsapp encryt all data in .crypt5 format.It stores messages in encrypteddatabase in internal storage. To decrypt WhatsApp database, there is a tiny tool called WhatsApp Xtract. It lets you to view WhatsApp messages on PC.By following this tutorial, you will get only conversation. You will not get any multimedia records. Multimedia records are stored in SD card underWhatsAppfolder.Where WhatsApp database is stored?If you have installed WhatsApp on Phone memory, then you can find the WhatsApp database at/sdcard/whatsapp/DatabasesThe database files may have names likemsgstore.db.crypt, msgstore.db, wa.dbThese database files are updated on every conversation you make in WhatsApp. The name of the contact and phone may also be displayed in case of last two files.How to Use Whatsapp without Mobile or Sim

Update: Whatsapp in its recent update stores database in crpyt5 format, so for decrypting database you need to convert crypt5 to crypt file.So first you have to convert crypt5 file to crypt usingWhatsapp Crypt-DB Converteror alternatively you could also useWhatCryptProcedure to decrypt WhatsApp databaseAndroid
First Make Backup of Whatsapp Conversations.How setup backup and restore conversations on WhatsAppOpen WhatCrypt App and Click on Decrypt Whatsapp Database.Transfer the WhatsApp database /sdcard/whatsapp/Databasesmsg.db files from your mobile to PC using USB.Nowdownload WhatsApp Xtract tool.Extract the content in WhatsApp_Xtract to a New Folder.Now you need todownload Python32bit or 64bit version depending on your system architecture and install it for the process of decryption of.cryptfile.Make sure you install Python under C:Program Files\PythonThen runpyCrypto.batas admin. pycrypto download 5mb file via a net.
Now drag one of the databases at/sdcard/WhatsApp/DatabasestoWhatsApp_xtract_drag’n’drop_database(s)_herefile inXtractorfolder.After the process is finished, your default browser will open up the conversations you made.Note : Sometimes in the end import Error would occur. In those cases just uninstall and install Python inC:instd ofC:Program FilesPythonIf you got any problem, just let me know. For better understanding, watch the tutorial below.Download This Related ArticlesChange Your phone on WhatsappBest 40 Facebook 2014 ,Tips & Tricks that Make Your Facebook Life BetterRun Whatspp in Window Computer (PC)Extract\Decrypt Whatsapp Backup Messages
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