Thursday, May 26, 2016

rn Money from Android Photography

If you like photography in Android Mobile and wanna rn money from it this post for you. You can click best of the best photo shots from android phone,edit it and upload into Foap Android App.If they like your photo you got money.This is Best Option to rn Money Online from Android Mobile Without Investment.
This is market of Android where you can rn money from android apps on android mobile.

Foap - sell photosFoap is a social photo app that turns your photos into dollars. Participate in fun photo missions by large brands like MANGO, PUMA and Entertainment Network, or build your portfolio and start selling photos to thousands of photo buyers worldwide, and make $5 ch time that your photo is d. You can upload photos that you have taken with other photo appliions such as Instagram, Photo Express, Social Cam, Eyeem or Camera plus.
♥ Interact with the community via ratings, comments etc..
♥ Sell your photos via FOAP market
♥ Participate in fun photo missions from brands like MANGO, PUMA & Mastercard
♥ Build your portfolio with unlimited amount of photos
♥ It’s all free!

How it worksGET PAID FOR YOUR CONTENT - COMPANIES WANT TO BUY YOUR PHOTOSThey want people like you from all over the world to get paid for your photo content. Cameras in smart are getting better and better. There are now more smartphoneographers than ever before. They believe that ch one of you has a unique style and feel in your photography that companies would love to buy. Result: by uploading your best s—pictures that companies want to buy—you can start to rn money.

Sound interesting? Want companies to start buying some of your pictures?

FOAP MARKET - WHERE COMPANIES CAN BUY PHOTOSFoap’s aim is to build a huge marketplace with unique and natural pictures available for sale to companies all over the world. Many companies buy stock photos every day and there is a lack of s with a natural look and just that right, local feeling. We want the Foap Market to be the place to go to whenever a company is looking for those one of a kind, natural photos with a local flavor.

Download the app “Foap” from Google Play.Upload a photo to Foap.As soon as 5 other users have rated your photo with a minimum average of 2.6, the photo will be published on Foap Market for sale. If the photo gets an average below 2.6, try with another . To understand which photos are selling best, check out Most Sold Photos.If your photo gets sold we will notify you by email. Be sure to have the Sales Notifiion on (in the app in Profile/ Edit Notifiions).Whenever you want, you can go to “Cashout” in the app to cash out your money. You rn $5 per sold photo. ch photo can be sold over and over again.Tips to Get Better Photos in Android

Foap (Playboard) | Foap (Play Store)

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