Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make Parallel access of from Android

This is best control RDP i have ever seen ,because its reliabilty and make parallel screen for android.This is like a name parallel ,this app make a parallel screen of and mac in your Iphone ya Android Mobile Device.This is cress platform appliion work on mac , and android.
You can control your pc from wifi connection. If you have not wifi in your home you can crte wifi in 7.This app is also work on 3G dataNetworks.

This is a simple way to connect and control your pc from Android Device.You can work and feel like pc on Android Mobile.
If you wanna Parallel Access alternatives,so you try
Splashtop RDP for Android Mobile to Control .

Parallels Access is the fastest, simplest, and most reliable way to remotely access all your and Mac appliions and files from your Android device. From accessing a single file that you forgot on your home computer to editing a complex document, Parallels Access gives you the pce of mind of knowing that you will be effective anytime and anywhere with just your mobile device.

24/7 access to your desktop. The unanticipated happens all the time.
One simple tap on your Android device and you are securely connected to your computer. Quickly navigate thru the hard drive to find the document or photo you need using our file browser; and copy, or open it with just a tap.

Edit content sily - No more finger gymnastics.
Precise selection, copying, and pasting of text. Tapping a small, almost invisible desktop button or dragging a picture with a natural one-finger lock is a breeze – our Lock’n’Go Magnifying Glass is a marvel of innovation.

All your desktop appliions are just a tap away.
Start appliions or switch between them with just a tap. Put your favorite desktop appliion right on the home screen of your Android device. Plus a complete desktop board to help you take full advantage those desktop apps.

Don’t stress your eyes. In fact, don’t stress at all!
See your appliions using the full screen of your Android device. Have pce of mind knowing that Parallel Access will reliably connect you to your desktop when you need it. Even on slow 3G networks.
Stay effective with the fastest, simplest, and most reliable remote access technology.
You are connected to your desktop. And you are fast and effective. Reliably.

Parallels Access requires the installation of the free Parallels Access At on your Mac (OS X 10.7 Lion or higher) or PC ( 7 or 8). Just follow the instructions in Parallels Access on your Android device to download the At and install it on your computer.

Parallels Access is compatible with most Android tablets and running Android 4.0 or higher.

Parallels Access (Playboard) | Parallels Access (Play Store)

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