Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remove Preinstalled(Unwanted Apps) Android Apps from Uninstall Master

In Android Phone there are many preinstalled apps that you can't use anymore.You don't like it many preinstalled apps but you can't unistall it.Now here is solution,if you are a root user of android phone,you can uninstall whatever you want.

Uninstall Master:Remove BloatwareUninstall Master remove bloatware from your android phone.
Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) now rename to App Master, a powerful app tool!
√ It is Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) original,the only one best uninstaller & app tool in the market.
√ Are you bothered by too many third-party, preinstalled apps?
√ Are you annoyed by the of taps required to simply uninstall an app?
√ Have you ever uninstalled an app and then changed your mind?
Uninstall Master may be the solution you are looking for!
√ New UI is clr and user-friendly;
√ Perform batch uninstall;
√ Get rid of selected pre-installed or malicious apps;
√ Get rid of pre-installed bloatware that bogs down your device and costs you money. (Needs ROOT);
√ Silent uninstall and restore. The prompt window no longer apprs! (Needs ROOT);
√ Recycle bin makes back-up and restore simple and sy;
√ Freeze and unfreeze apps. (Needs ROOT and unlocker);
√ sily sort and find your apps;
√ Bluetooth share: you can share apps with your friends!
√ Quick and friendly customer support!
What is ROOT?
ROOT is the super user account(Similar to the Administrator account).As safety limits of android,only apps can achieve more powerful ftures after they have this permission.

Download Uninstall Master from Google Play

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