Thursday, May 26, 2016

Android Forensics: ya Grab Any Android Phone Contacts from OSE

This tool can grab and all contacts,mms,call list,call logs and other type of information from victim android device.This android forensics tool apk is size is less than 30KB.But this forensics tool can work grter than other.

About this toolAFLogical™ is a top-rated free Android forensics tool developed by viaForensics.
AFLogical™ performs a logical acquisition of any Android device running Android 1.5 or later. The extracted data is saved to the examiner’s SD Card in csv format (comma separated values) which sily imports into popular sprdsheet software, making it simple to extract and analyze Android data.

AFLogical™ Open Source Edition (OSE)AFLogical™ Open Source Edition is a free version of our software available through Google . It pulls all available MMS, SMS, Contacts, and Call Logs from your Android device.

AFLogical™ OSE is also built into Santoku-Linux, the Open Source community driven OS dedied to mobile forensics, malware analysis, and security testing.

This and forensics android tool is made for forensics department.But this lite version is public so anyone can download this tool from official website.
How can you use this tool for contactsfrom Android Smartphone.
First Install Aflogical OSE Forensics Tool in Android Smartphone.
Open AFE Logical OSE Android Forensics Tool and click on check all.

Now Click on Capture Button

A new dialog box open and show a message data extraction completed.
Your victim android contacts complete extract in sdcard folder named Forensics
Open Your File Manager Find a Folder named Forensics.
Open Folder,You see another folder,now open this folder.
You see many txt or csv format file.These file extracted contacts ,call logs,sms,mms and mobile information.

Open this file to rd contacts from es note editor or any other editor.

You transfer this folder to any device for later analyzing these contacts and call logs.This is forensics use not for use.If you do this for any illegal purpose So I will not responsible for that.Download AFLOGICAL OSE Forensics tool

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