Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remotely Turn Off Any Android Phone by Just Sending SMS

Power Off your phone or another phone by just sending sms from another phone. This is cool trick for android . You can try with your and friends android . With this trick you can prank your friends by power off there phone by just sending sms from phone.

Steps for Turn Power Off Your Phone or another android Phone by Just an SMS
1. Make sure that your phone is root. If you don't how to root your phone follow my guide for root any phone.
Android Full Rooting Guide for Every Phone with Advantages

2. Now download Remote Turn Off Android App.

3. Install Remote turn off android app in your android mobile.
Open app and you see Interface of the app.

4. Current is , so replace current with your new .
5. If you run su root android app. Give Access Granted permission to Remote Power Off.

6. Now the Second step is How You Turn Off your Android Phone from SMS.

7. Pick other phone and write down your secret and send it .
When Remote Power Off installed phone recieve this message, so phone is automatically turned off.

Why My is not Work ?
confirm your is correct or not. Only type your without any signs.

Supersu Permissions is not granted ?
When you install this app and use first time, supersu asks for permissions. Give full permission to this app.

This is cool trick for prank your friend and useful for your needs.

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