Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Change Window 7 and 8 User without Knowing Old

Every One is secured system. You can't enter protected system without knowing Old . Actually you can't change of system without knowing old . So here I present you a trick , with this trick you can change your 7 and 8 without knowing old . This thing is very useful when you forget your . With this trick you can prank your friends. Here I post this trick with two method. Choose method is sy for you.

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Method -1Step-1 Press and Find Your Computer option in Left side. Righ-Click on Computer and open Manage option.

Step-2 Now you see Computer Management open. Click on system Tools>>Local Users and Groups>>Users.

Step-3 Now in Right side you see your PC all PC Users name.

Step-4 Select Account right click on it and Choose Set .

Step-5Now the New Popup open ,click on proceed button. Now you need to Enter the New and confirm them, then click on "OK" Button.

Step-6 Now your login has been successfully changed .you can restart your system and check with your new .
So with this trick you can change any System without Knowing Old .
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Method -2
Change with "Command Prompt"

Step-1 Firstly go to start menu and type "cmd" in srch box . Then select cmd and Run as Administrator.

Step-2 After that type below command in cmd

net user Prophet 123456
Now you can replace Prophet with your username and 123456 with your new .

Now your have been successfully changed. If you got any problem comment below.

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