Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Use Whatsapp without Mobile or Sim

Using Whatsapp without ya sim its cool na . That's trick very helpful for hiding your s in Whataspp group or chat.Nobody know you s.
This works by tricking the WhatsApp Verifiion Servers by sending a spoofed request for an authorisation intended for an alternative phone.
A problem with Whatsapp is its way of connecting the users. It shows the mobile when we are in a group chat. This allows some strangers to known our which may cause problem. To overcome this problem you can use verifiion instd of your mobile . You have to the server to to this. Just follow the steps.

Steps to Install Whatspp without sim or
If you are alrdy having whatsapp on your device, remove it Completely, download it again and install it.Whatsapp sends a verifiion message to its server, Block the message service in your mobile. Switch the mobile to flight mode or change the message center to block the message service.Then as a alternative method to verify, Choose “Verify Through SMS” and give your email address. Click on send and at very next moment click on cancel button. Now the authorization to the whastapp server call is terminated.Now Spoof that message. Install Spoof text message app on your mobile.Now check your outbox, Copy that message details to spoofer app and send it to spoofed verifiionFor Android users:To: +447900347295 From: +(Country )(mobile ) —-victims Message: (your email address)A message will be send by the server for the spoofed . Now you can connect with your friends with that spoofed .
Using spoofed would be very useful for girls

and surely many boys will hate this.

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