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Best 40 Facebook 2014 ,Tips & Tricks that Make Your Facebook Life Better

Facebook the worlds best social networking site no doubt it.Facebook is the largest social media network with 1.23 billion active users every month and it is available in 70 languages throughout the world.We use facebook in daily life. We chat with our friends,share pictures,share s,comments and many more…to make facebooking more interesting we can use many tricks in faebook.We always wanna new with our Facebook .So here i am sharing Best Top 40 Facebook Tips & Tricks that make your Facebook diffrent from others and more reliable secure and proof FB . Here i am also providing link how can you Facebook and How Can you secure your Facebook.So sit down and check this out.

1. a Facebook Via Desktop PhishingDesktop Phishing basically this is a Facebook Trick that used by s to FB Account .So help with this trick you can Fb account .When you know this trick how it works ,so no one can your FB account . Here I provide this trick for eduional purpose only.
Rd More
a Facebook via a Desktop Phishing
2. FB account via a TabnappingTabnapping is a new form of phishing that is hitting the internet now. With the conventional form of phishing, for example, you might receive an email that is supposedly from your bank, and it might ask you to login and update or confirm your account details, of course, there would be a link to your banks website in the email for you to click, which would take you to a page that looks identical to your rl banks login page.Rd More FB account via a Tabnapping
3. Hide Seen in FacebookHide seen in Facebook is a tipical problem.In facebook when you rd messsage the seen button shows that your friends ,you rd the message .So if you wanna get rid off it try this.Try Facebook Unseen Extension.This extension is avalible for Google Chrome Browser.Rd MoreHide Seen in Facebook
4. Download all Facebook Data Backup of Entire FB life

Facebook is our Social Life . Everybody want backup of your life so its not possible but backup of your FB Social Life is Possible.There are billions of people having their account active on Facebook and the incrses day by day. Do you know how Facebook attained such fame? Only Mark and his tm know the secret. The entire concept behind Facebook is simple, just interaction; it made people to communie better.Rd MoreDownload all Facebook data – Backup your entire FB Life
5. Free Phone Call With Facebook Android Messanger Any Facebook UserNow a Free call avalible in India with Facebook Messanger .

Chat session is off call session is on.Facebook is bringing free VoIP calling to users of its Home and Android Messenger apps in the all world. The social network's VoIP for Android and IOShas been available in US for a few months now, and Android users are alrdy enjoying the service in 23 other countries.Stateside, the VoIP for Android will roll out over the course of the day, and it shouldn't require a manual updateRd MoreFree Phone Call with Facebook Android Messanger:Any Facebook User
6. How to add all Friends to Facebook GroupSo this is a tutorial on how to add all your friends in a facebook page in just a few steps. So if you are an admin of a facebook group which has less members then you might have a hard time to add all your friends one by one and which is a very hard job. So, to help all you facebook group admins out, we share you an unique script with which you can add all your friends to the group.Rd MoreHow To Add All Friends To Facebook Group
7. Message all Friends Automatically on Facebook
So this is a tutorial on how to message all your fb friends in just few steps..You might have understood that we are going to message all friends automatically with help of a script which i will be providing you.All that i can say about this script is that it's amazing.It not even send MSG to friends but also to all those to whom you are following. Isn't it cool? .Yh,it can help you to promote your Facebook Pages, to get visitors to your website,to get views to your YouTube s, to get more likes on your statues and many other promotional things.Rd MoreMessage all Friends Automically on Facebook
8. Online FB ID Finder ToolWhen crting a Facebook account, the system automatically assigns the user an identifiion , known as the Facebook ID. Facebook allows the user replace their ID with username. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appr. Many tutorials give you an instruction by clicking right mouse on profile to find your unique ID. Now I will tell you even sier to find your Facebook profile ID. Every Facebook profile, and Facebook Fan Page, has an associated ID .Rd MoreOnline FB ID Finder Tool
9. Update Facebook Status via a any DeviceI don't have an iPhone 5 but i can still update my fb status via iPhone 5.
We are not a millionaire so we don't have a list of smart devices .But you think like a
you can do it .You can show of your friend that you have a smart device ,in your fb status show via a device.When your friends see your fb status they were shocked.Now you can update status via difference devices ranging from android phone to iPhone . From now on, no need to feel upset when your friend updates status from his expensive gadgets.Rd MoreUpdate Facebook status via any device

10.Prank Your Facebook Friends Using Zao Text ToolHow willyou feel when you see something scary on Facebook statuses? or something that looks like if is a bug on Facebook?Well, here i gonna share something exactly matching that same thing that will prank your Facebook friend by posting something scary/grungy text effect called zao text. I will provide you a link of zao text below that will allow you to erate amazing scary text that you can sily post on Facebook status even you can directly paste into Facebook chat

Rd MorePrank Your Facebook Friends Using Zao Text Tool
11. How to Combine your Your Facebook Cover with your Profile PictureCover photo is one of the silent ftures of timeline profile in Facebook. Your Facebook cover photo along with your profile picture is one way of providing uniqueness and butiful look to your profile.

You must always try to make your profile look good to attract more users. Now you need to not worry about this because today i will tell you an awesome trick tocombine your Facebook cover photo with your profile pictureto enhance the look of your profile.
Here is a sample picture of what i am talking aboutRd MoreHow to Combine Your Facebook Cover Photo With Your Profile Picture
12. Instantly Get 1000 Facebook likes on Status
With the help of this trick you can instantly get so many likes on your Facebook status ,Profile pictures ,Sharing Pages.AddMeFast helps you to incrse Facebook Likes/Subscribe, Google +1/Circles, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views/Subscribe/Likes, Pinterest Followers, SoundCloud music listening and Website Hits.Rd MoreRl FB Status & Pages Likes
13. Crte Colourful,bold and Underline Status
You alrdy aware of Facebook status which is useful to indie our present mood. But the status section doesn’t provide any powerful editor which contains colors, bold characters and other styles. It only shows normal text when you post a status. Don’t worry we have one butiful extension to spice up your Facebook profile by changing skin of the profile, write status message in color with bold and underlined text.To get this in your Facebook account follow the below steps1. Download social plus extension for your browser from their official website.Click Here to Download Social plus Extension2. After installing it on your browser you can write text in different colors and also change theme of profile.Download Social Plus Extesion for your browser here
14. Update Blank Status
Posting blank or empty status on Facebookis funny right? But how can we do that without using any extension or software. Here we revl that trick which allows you to post blank status.
PressAlt button on board and type 0173and click on post button to post blank status update. (This definitely works)Update Blank Status
15.Schedule Facebook Status Updates:
There is no built in fture to post or update status message in future. But we have one website named Buffer which allows you to set schedule status update. By using this service you can write some status update and set the time to schedule the status.Buffer is a software appliion designed to manage social networks, by providing the mns for a user to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.Buffer app is also avalible for Android and Google Chrome Browser.
16.Facebook Ghost Profile Prank with Your Friends:
This prank will give surprise to everyone on their first visit. After opening this prank you’ll see a page looks like a Facebook profile and it is filled up with some scary s.When you hover your mouse ya click any link the horror sound comes with scary s.
By using this prank you’ll tse your friends. To do that follow the below steps.
1. First send this link and said them to open that link.Ghost prank2. Now ask them to mouse over on any one of the . That’s it your friends definitely scared with that unexpected result.
17.Write Upside down Facebook Status Update:Do you want post new type of status update then this for you? By using this service you can flip text and post that upside down text as your status update.
To do that open and write text message what you want to post on your Facebook status. After writing message copy the output text and paste it as your status update.
18. Download Facebook s without any Software
When your Facebook Friends share Fb s you like and you wanna download but there is a problem ,there is no option to download it. There is a site named and which can provide you direct link to download Facebook s.
19.Crte a Look Back With Your Butiful Moments on Facebook:
On the occasion of Facebook 10th birthday they relse one new which contain memorable moments of your life which are shared on your Facebook profile. You can also crte that type of look back by following this link Look Back.You can select moments yourself or just play the default with pre-selected pictures.20.Find Who Un friend you on Facebook:Do you want to know who un friend you on Facebook? Actually there is no option for this on Facebook but you can get those details through this online service. This service scan your profile and find all changes done on your profile. In that way it can find who un friend you on Facebook and show them.
To get those details open on browser and login with your Facebook details. After that it shows the details about person who un friend you on Facebook with date, week, month and graph wise.
21.Delete Facebook Account Permanently:If any case you want to remove your Facebook account permanently then you can use the below link to do that. If you want to use it in future but not now then use another option “dctivate account” which disables your account but not delete permanently.Click Here to Delete Facebook Account PermanentlyClick Here to Dctivate your Facebook AccountAfter performing deletion operation don’t open your Facebook account for 14 days otherwise it will be re activated again.
22. Download Facebook Photo AlbumsSingle s from Facebook can be downloaded sily. Unfortunately there is no option in Facebook to download bulk photos or whole albums.Just install Bulk Download s (ZIG) extension to your chrome browser and you will be able to download albums from Facebook with single click.Bulk Downloader
23. Update Facebook Status Using Email
If you can’t access Facebook then still there is option for you to update Facebook Status. Login to Facebook account and from account settings, click on Mobile tab from left sidebar. You will find a unique email address that will be used to update Facebook status using Email.
Using your favorite email client, send an email to that email address with Subject as the text you want to appr in Facebook Status. After sending email, see your Facebook profile with new status update.
24. Upload Photos to Facebook Using Email
If you attach a photo with email and send it to your Post by email address, then it will be uploaded to your Facebook timeline with description as the title of your email.
25.Remove Facebook Advertisements
By Using Facebook Ads Remover for Google chrome, you can disable Facebook advertisements and enjoy clner Facebook look.
26. Custmize Facebook Look ,Fonts and ColoursFaboulous Google ExtensionBy using fabulous extension you can Customize background colors of Facebook website and add custom background s, change font size and styles etc. (Update: Fabulous Extension for chrome has been removed from Chrome Store. Now you can use Stylish Extension for customizing Facebook colors and backgrounds.)
27. Zoom Facebook Photos without Opening Them
Enjoy a full zoomed view of any photo on Facebook regardless of its privacy settings and without clicking on it using Photo Zoom extension for Facebook.
28.Access Facebook Chat on Desktop
Using Facebook messenger for , you can access Facebook chat right from your desktop. Just install Facebook messenger for and enjoy Facebook chat directly from desktop. You can also check notifiions, recent friend’s activity, friend requests and messages etc. from desktop.
29.Send large files up to 1 GB on Facebook
It is another cool Facebook trick that will let you send big files directly through Facebook. You can store files in the locker till certain of days so that your friends can download them. In order to proceed, check the pipe app on Facebook.
30. Live BroadCasting Using FacebookLive broadcasting on with a custom channel is now possible directly on Facebook using ustm. Using ustrm Facebook appliion you can record s or broadcast live and share it with your friends and followers on Facebook.
31.How to Send Friend Requests When BlockedSometimes Facebook block accounts for sending massive friend requests to unknown persons. After getting blocked, you will not be able to send friend requests on Facebook even to people you personally know. Here is a cool trick that will allow you to send friend requests to people even if you are blocked.
Login to Facebook account and get the email address of the person you want to add to as a friend. Then click here and you will be able to add friends by using different email services. Login with any of those email services and add your required contacts to Facebook.If you want to add bulk friends then crte a notepad file with comma separated email contacts and save it as filename.vcfFinally upload that file through the previous window and your friend request will be sent to Facebook users with those email addresses.32.Check Who Is Online and pretending to be OfflineSometimes people disable Facebook chat and pretend as if they are not using Facebook. Now you can sily detect which friend is using Facebook secretly while keeping Facebook Chat offline. Online Now appliion for Facebook allows you to track hidden online friends sily.
33.How to Send Any Picture as Facebook Chat EmoticonFacebook recently introduced stickers in Facebook chat and many new emotions are also added to Facebook chat. Here is another cool Facebook trick that will let you send any to your friends via Facebook chat as emoticon. Click here and upload the required picture there. It will output some that will print the same in Facebook chats.
34.Login to Multiple Facebook account at a TimeBy using Google chrome Browser, you can login to multiple Facebook accounts at a time. Open Google chrome and login to your Facebook account. Then click the settings tab and add a new user to chrome browser. It will open a new chrome window where you can login to other Facebook account. Now, you will be able to use and manage both accounts using the two chrome . In the similar manner, you can access as many Facebook accounts as you like using Google chrome.
35. Change Facebook ThemesAre you bored with default blue color theme of Facebook? How about changing the colors and whole look of Facebook website for a cooler look? Here is another amazing Facebook trick that allows you to change Facebook themes. Hundreds of stylish Facebook themes are available with a Google chrome/Mozilla Firefox extension named Facebook themes. You can also crte your own custom theme for Facebook and access other themes at fbskins.
36. Facebook
When you open Facebook for login purpose, you have to fill two fields including username/email and . By default the box is masked. You can convert it into a normal text box by modifying Facebook element . So, after apply the trick, you will be able to see whatever is typed in the field.First of all open Facebook page in any web browser (I’m using chrome) and right click anywhere and select option named ‘Inspect Elements’. It will open the source of Facebook. Press Ctrl+F and find the word in the elements. You will find an input field whose type will be by default. Just replace with text and you will be able to see whatever is written in the box.
37. Upadate Status in Blue Colour
paste below in your staus box and write your text in place of your text@@[1:[0:1: your text]]
38. View your Profile as Public
Ever wonder what your profile looks like to the public eye or even a specific person? The “View As…” fture allows you to do just that. Benth the bottom right corner of your cover photo, there is a small gr-shaped button (also next to the “Activity Log” button). When clicked, a menu with the option to see your profile how others see it drops down. Click “View As…” and you’ll see your profile change in apprance.This is also a nice security fture to see just how much the public sees on your profile. You may end up wanting to change a thing or two that you didn’t know were visible to the public eye.
39. Forward Your MessageThe simple way to share messages between different parties is copy and paste. Right? Maybe not. Conversations can be difficult to select in the right place. It also can be quite tedious whenever you want to quickly edit the conversation so that it’s sy to rd and follow. Thankfully, Facebook has addressed the issue with message forwarding, allowing you to sily share any part of a conversation.
40. Invite all Facebook Friends for FB Page
Selecting & inviting all of your friends in an event can be a tedious task, especially if you have more than 1,000 friends to send invitations to.
Luckily, this trick that allows users to select/invite all of their friends in an event or an app – with just one click.
How to Do it:1) Open Firefox and go to your Facebook page to invite all friends to like your page.
2) Select “All Friends” instd of “Recent Interaction” so that you can invite all friends to your page. Scroll down till all of your friends are shown in the page.
3) Press Ctrl+Shift+K and a small window will appr at bottom.
4) Paste the below in it and click enter.
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]“);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};
and Tricks like the above, should always be attempted using caution. We are not aware of anyone ever getting in trouble for using the above , but in some cases they do bypass the intended functionality of Facebook, so be careful.Facebook trick has no limitatition. This topic is always blank because the new trick make in every minute.
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