Thursday, May 26, 2016

Find Hardware Info of you Android Mobile

You buy a Android Phone but you don't what the shit is fit in this hardware. Probabaly many people don't know how many sensors are in his android phone . What is your GPU and bla-bla . You need to know about your android device . Here i provide you a app named Android Hardware Infois very Excellent app.

Android Hardware Info
This app is just over 200k in size but it provides a HUGE amount of pertinent data, especially when troubleshooting or even attempting to resell your device. :-) I recommend everyone that owns any type of Android-based device should download this FIRST, make some notes from the data it provides so you'll likely know what to expect out of your device for the present as well as the future.This is one of the most detailed system info apps on play store and the ability to save your system info in a variety of text formats is handy.
DescriptionProvides information about the hardware capabilitiesof your Android device.Data is presented in a simple and sy to rd fashion.Including:● System● Display● Processor● Memory● Cameras● Graphics● Ftures● cs● Sensors

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