Thursday, May 26, 2016

Check Internet Speed In Android

Everyone like high speed internet . So you caught a plan , now you wanna check your speed, now this situation you done speedtest in your PC ya android. is useful website provide you to check your internet speed online.The online tool let you check your uploading speed , Downloading speed with Ping test results.I am using You Broadband as my Internet Connection Provider.It shows loion of your ISP from your countryalongwith sharing option that let you share your speed with your friends on Facebook & twitter.
Mainly in PC we check our netspeed by going to this site
If you have activated data plan on your android device or using internet through WiFi, it is necessary to check that you are getting correct speed as per your service plan. There is special android app available on Google play store t called will let you to check your broadband internet speed through WiFi connection or data plan speed through your android app.
All you need to do is srch for the app from Google play store and download it on your android device.Now whenever you wish to check your internet speed with your android device,You can sily check it by launching the app from your device.There are mainly 3 interesting section available on this app. First one is speed test where you can msure your accurate bandwidth speed provided by your internet service provider. The second one is tools, where you can check your ip address, modify your speed test preference or see history for your speedtest.On first start, it will initialize and find the closest server nrby if you are using internet from your mobile device.You will see begin test button there, tap on it for your phone internet speed test.You will see ping, download speed and upload speed on your main screen with a meter at the bottom.You can manually check network bandwidth in kbps,Mbps or kB/s from tools Android app ftures:

Msure your accurate Downloading speed, Uploading speed, and Ping test from your device.Rl-time graphs show connection consistency.You can Troubleshoot or Verify your internet speed,if it is provided as your your plan you have paid for.Rl-time graphs show connection consistencyTroubleshoot or verify the speed you were promisedTrack past tests with detailed reportingRelated ArticlesWatch your Internet bandwidth with ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter

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