Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crte Invisible & Color Folder

You always hrd about a wihout name folder but you don't know how to crte it .
Now I crte invisible folder with two tricks .

Crte Invisible FolderFirst Trick First you crte a folder .Then press Window +R ,Run is open now you type charmap , For giving this command your character map is open.In srch box you type U+2001:Em Quad and then select it.

Right click on your folder and then click on rename it, and paste you select character.

Now you just crte a wihout name folder.

Second Trick You crte a folder and rename it and hold down Alt and press 0160 (numlock on)

Color your FolderYou can crte your color folder wih this software Folder Colorizer

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