Thursday, May 26, 2016

View and Retrieve Save WIFI in Android Mobile

In Android WiFi is the popular medium to connect the Internet. You used many WiFi Access Points, sometimes you just forget wifi . So in this post I tell you How can you recover or see your saved in Android Mobile. This is not a Wifi Tricks for Android Mobile.
In this trick we open a file,In this file you see all wifi . This is very simple you need to open save wifi loion in Android.
This is one of the best way for retrieving and recovering your android wifi .

Where is Android Saved WiFi ?Android Mobile save wifi in Root directory. You need root access to explore this directory. When you access this directory ,you see any type of security like WEP,WPA and WPA-2 etc.
WiFiKill pro apk for Disable Other Devices Connection on Wifi and t all BandwidthFirst Make sure that your phone is root. If your phone is not root check out our Android Root Guide. This method is for rooted phone only.For More WiFi Tricks Check Out Our Wifi SectionDownload ES File Explorer.Open ES File Explorer Android App and Check Root Explorer ON.Open Device DirectoryGo to this path /data/misc/wifi.You Find lots of file.Open wpa_supplicant.conf.Open with ES File Text EditorYou see Your Saved Wifi .ssid=xxx is your wifi name and psk=xxxxx is your wifi .So this is very simple trick for every android user for Recover wifi . This is totally legal. If you want more WiFi Tricks for Android check out WiFi Section.

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