Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 5 Best Youtube Tricks Every Internet User Should Know

Youtube is the most pouplar sharing websites. We all many s in youtube for diffrent rsons. Here I tell you some aweome tips and tricks that can incrse your knowledge about youtube. So try all this tips and tricks with your pc. There are many secrets and in youtube that probably we don't know yet.

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Top 5 Youtube Tricks for Every Internet User

1. Download Youtube
This is one of the most popular tricks for Youtube. If you want local copy of youtube for PC and android Mobile, this trick help you.
You just need to add ss before. Below you see a example how you download youtube .

Would now change into

2. Bypass Regional and Age Restrictions
Sometimes youtube gives you error like this not avalaible in your country or age restrictions.

Here is a solution.

Would now change into
3. Youtube website for PC (Butiful and Cln Youtube)
Now with Youtube you can control youtube website from board-only. This whole website is controlled by board. give you experiance in your PC.

In this website all youtube egories comes in very butiful animation.
If you want something new from Youtube this is. In here you see cln interface. Not any commentbox,suggestion or ad.If you want youtube without ads try this.

4. Play the Snake Game In Youtube
Ya this is true when you play youtube you can also play snake game on youtube. When you see loading sign press UP arrow . Now the loading sign turn into snake game. This is so cool tricks ,so try and prank your friends with this trick.

5. Youtube Srch ster Egg.
When you srch these ster eggs in youtube. Youtube responses diffrently. This thing is prankable when you wanna something new with only youtube srches.

"Use the force luke srch" (your mouse moves things around)
"Bm me up Scotty" (srch results "transport" on the page)
"Doge meme" (all comic book sans)

"Do the Harlem shake" (the page literally does the Harlem shake—with soundtrack)

Try all this trick and if you got any problem contact me at Facebook.

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