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The best racing games for Android

Android racing games are among the most popular in all of Android. So popular, in fact, that they have their ownre section in the Google Play Store. That mns there are a metric ton of racing games. Some of them are pretty good and others are not all that grt. So which ones are the best? Keep rding to find out!Asphalt 8: Airborne[Price: Free]
First up is the venerable Asphalt series. Currently the latest relse is Asphalt 8: Airborne which is a Freemium title. When most people think of a benchmark for how good a racing game should be, many think of the Asphalt series. It’s competitive in nrly all egories, including game play, graphics, and multiplayer support. The game itself is pretty fun
with a lot of cars to unlock, lots of tracks to race on, and plenty of in-game stuff like ramps and drifting to keep you having fun. It’s a must have for racing fans.

Bch Buggy Blitz[Price: Free]
Bch Buggy Blitz is a grt option for people who may want something a little less serious in the racing re. With its colorful, cartoony graphics and Mario Kart feel, it’s a grt option for people who just want a racing game to goof around with. It’s developed by Vector Unit, the same people who did Riptide GP2 (which is also on this list), so you know alrdy that the game is well done. It’s free to play and also utilizes Google Play Games services for cloud-saving, achievements, and lderboards.

CSR Racing[Price: Free]
CSR Racing was one ofmy first -app reviewsand it remains a favorite to this day. The rson is because it’s a legitimately fun and well done game. It’s undergone some changes since our initial review, such as the addition of Facebook-based online multiplayer and the addition of new cars. This game is is a drag racing style game so there are no tracks to get through. ch race takes anywhere from 8 to 45 seconds depending on your car and the length of the race. That makes this a grt title for people who only pick up games occasionally and don’t play for very long. It’s free so if you’re in the mood for a good drag racing game, this is a grt option.

Dth Rally FREE[Price: Free]
Dth Rally can be summarized in three glorious words my friends: racing, wpons, and explosions. That’s essentially what you get from Dth Rally. It’s a top-down style racing game where you race through levels, shoot your opponents until they explode, and grind it out until you win the race. With a penchant for violence that you won’t see in many of these other titles, it’s the perfect game for people who enjoy both explosions and the competitive spirit of racing. If Michael Bay played racing games, we imagine he’d play this one.

Drag Racing[Price: Free]
Drag Racing is not altogether different from CSR Racing. It’s a drag racing style game where proper shifting and attention to things like RPMs matter. The graphics aren’t as good as CSR, Asphalt, and others on the list, but what it lacks in graphical content it makes up for in car tuning. Not only can you unlock a variety of cars and purchase upgrades for them, but you can also tune your car to your specific taste. Things like gr changing, torque, and others help you build the car that acts how you want it to act. If that sounds like something you enjoy, the download button is right there.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game[Price: Free]
It’s a well known fact that games based on usually aren’t very good, although that trend has been changing in recent yrs. Fast & Furious 6: The Game does a little bit to help change that stereotype. It’s not the best game on this list, but it is a rlly decent racing game with a lot of ftures that are uinely enjoyable. It ftures a couple of game modes, including Heist Mode which lets you commit crimes for money. It also ftures a of expected ftures like unlockable cars, customization options, and cameos from the crew in the . Again, it’s not the best on this list, but it’s still good enough to be here and it’s free to boot!

GT Racing 2: The Rl Car Exp[Price: Free]
GT Racing 2 comes out of the venerable Gameloft library which are the same folks who do the Asphalt series. However, instd of focusing on brkneck speed, GT Racing 2 focused more on authenticity. There are a variety of tracks that have a variety of wther conditions, a physics engine that mimics rl-life driving, and even comes with multiplayer mode. It’s one of the few games on this list that offers a first-person view from inside the car. It’s free to play so there’s no harm in trying it out and while the game itself is a little old, it’s one of the most popular on the list. It’s definitely worth a moment of your time.

Motocross Meltdown[Price: Free]
If Motocross Meltdown taught us anything, it’s that not all the best Android racing games contain cars. In this game, you race bikes. Along with a decent motocross experience, you can also crte your own rider, customize your bike, and play in a of fun levels that allow you to jump, race, and even do tricks. It ftures pretty decent graphics as well. It’s garnered over a million downloads so far, has a fairly decent rating in the Google Play Store, and it’s done by the popular Glu Mobile. If you’re into motocross, this is about as good as it gets on Android.

Need for Speed Most Wanted[Price: $4.99]
Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of those games that had the potential to be the best ever on Android. It has fun game play, grt graphics, and it’s a favorite among our rdership. It’s also the most expensive at $4.99 and, unfortunately, does contain some issues depending on what device you have. Nevertheless, it’s a grt game that helped push the re forward in a big way and if it works well on your device, it’s well worth the price tag. Just make sure you rd through some of the comments to make sure your device is one of the ones that doesn’t have any problems.

Raging Thunder 2[Price: Free]
Raging Thunder 2 is another oldie but goody. It has pretty decent graphics, although it isn’t as good as you’d see in Rl Racing 3, NFS: Most Wanted, or Asphalt 8. Despite that, there are some pretty good ftures that make this worth picking up. It has cross platform multiplayer so there is that. The game play is also fast paced and fun. It’s been around for a while and has garnered over ten million downloads to date which is rlly very impressive. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth checking out.

Rl Racing 3[Price: Free]
The last time we did a list like this, we didn’t include Rl Racing 3 but this time around, we feel it belongs on the list. It’s developed by well-known game studio and ftures rlly good graphics and fun, rlistic game play. It ftures multiplayer mode, rl cars, and rl tracks and all of them look rlly good. It’s also another one of the precious few on this list that allows for first-person, in-car views while driving. It even boasts more than 1000 events and it all comes at the low, low price of free. If you’re a racing enthusiast, do yourself a favor and at lst check this one out to see if you like it.

Riptide GP2[Price: $2.99]
Riptide GP2 is a long time favorite here at Android Authority. We’vereviewed itand it’s made practically every eralbest game listthat we’ve ever done. In Riptide GP2, you race jet skis in a variety of game types and there are even trick competitions. The graphics are grt, the game is fun, and it even includes Google Play Services like cloud saves, rl-time multiplayer, and achievements. It’s pretty much everything one could ask for in a racing game and until Riptide GP3 comes out, it’ll remain our favorite racing game that takes place on the water.

Smash Cops Ht[Price: Free]
Smash Cops Ht is a different kind of racing game. Instd of racing a clock or opponents around a circuit, you instd race to take away the freedom of bad guys. In this game, you’re in the driver st of a police car as you chase down and capture bad guys who are on the run. It’s not a racing game on the face of it, but it involves high speeds, fast cars, and pretty much all of the other elements you’d find in a racing game. What makes this game worth trying are the small things. It has a HUD that is similar to the brking news screen you see when a high speed chase is happening on and the game plays out like a news story, which was actually pretty unique. It can’t hurt to check it out as it is free.

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