Thursday, May 26, 2016

Start: Android Lockscreen Changer App

In Android You can Customize everything that you want. so you can modify and customize your lockscreen too.Now here we show a Best android lockscreen changer app.This eye ching android app name is Start .
Lock screen is a first screen of any android phone.So you first need to customize your android lockscreen by start android app.
The lock screen app provides quick access to any app, either via a ring menu to unlock or small tabs sprd out on the right or left sides of the screen. By pulling ch one out, this brings content into focus, such as galleries, feed rder, wther or Google Srch. Also, the volume profile can be changed directly using the slider.
This is best option for android lockscreen replacement.
The lock screen app also displays date, time and battery levels. A shortcut on the top right provides quick access to settings allowing the user to customize its look and functions at will.That's why i called this best android lockscreen widgets.

sy Android ROMs Customization Through Xposed FrameworkDescriptionLooking for a lockscreen app? Forget anything you know about lock screens. Download Start and get rdy to be amazed!
Start is a next-eration start screen. Start gives you quick access to everything that matters to you from your start screen. Start connects with facebook, twitter, flickr, Youtube, local wther forecasts, photo gallery, and a host of news providers using RSS feeds to make your start screen rlly yours.
It’s sy, it’s cool and it saves you a lot of time. To make Start even more fun lockscreen, we have designed hundreds of FREE themes for you to choose from.

With Start lockscreen you can:
•Enjoy excellent performance with no delays
•sily launch up to 24 apps of your choice or just let our smart aorithm set it automatically for you
•On Screen quick access configuration with a long press
•Strm your social media feeds with a single swipe
•Launch the camera and any related app
•Call/text/email your friends and family without your phone
•Get your favorite content from hundreds of sources
•Select your favorite theme or use your own personal picture as a background
•Chose and configure our widgets e.g. date, time and battery meter
•Switch between ring/vibrate/mute and unlock your phone with cool sliders

How to Download Official Android Apps Directly from Google Play on PC

Start (Playboard) | Start (Play Store)
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