Thursday, May 26, 2016

Speed up Internet Browsing by Reducing/Compressing the Data Usage in Google Chrome Android Mobile Browser

Speed up Internet Browsing in Android Mobile is a big issue in android smartphone.Google chrome is a well known browser for android mobile.This android browser has one of the best fture to speed up your internet browsing in mobile.This fture can reduce your data usage and open webapge very fastly.Google is officially announcing the relse of a data compression fture for its Chrome mobile web browser which allows you to reduce your data usage on smart and tablets, potentially saving you money on your monthly cell phone bill or data plan.

The optional fture, essentially a Google proxy, routes web requests through Google’s servers where the company’s PageSpeed libraries compress and optimize the content. Mnwhile, the actual connection between the browser and Google’s servers is handled by the SPDY protocol for further optimization.
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Chrome can reduce the amount of data you use by up to 50%. To reduce the amount of data that you use, Chrome uses Google’s servers to condense file sizes and perform other optimizations. Only HTTP requests are sent to Google's servers; HTTPS requests are made directly to the destination server. Also, pages loaded in Incognito tabs are not loaded through Google's servers.

You can see how much data you saved over the last 30 days in the Chrome settings menu when "Reduce Data Usage" is turned on. Your data savings will depend on several factors:
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The type of content on the websites you visit.The of sites visited that can be optimized. Secured sites (that have HTTPS in the website address) and pages visited using Incognito mode are not optimized.When you use this fture, Chrome also uses Safe Browsing technology to protect you from malware and phishing attacks. Chrome will warn you if you're about to visit a dangerous site.

You can choose when want to reduce data usage:

Touch Chrome menu > Settings > (Advanced) Bandwidth management.Touch Reduce data usage and slide the switch ON or OFF.
you’re agreeing to route all your HTTP traffic through Google’s proxy servers. (The fture is disabled for HTTPS and “Incognito” mode traffic, though)
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