Thursday, May 26, 2016

Small and Furious Physics Race Game for Android

This game give you a Feel of Hill Climb Racing and Trials Frontier.Main change there is bike and here is car.But this Game fture is his HD quality and Clr Graphics.Gameplay is awesome of Small and Furious game.
The crash test dummies are Small&Furious.
Small and Furious GameWhen they say they are doing the Crash Tests, they mn it!
Race on the ground to see what’s under the chairs and how you can jump over the BBQ Grill to rch the pool!
Remember: you can crash as hard as you want, you are made for that! Timed quest make the game fun and challenging, don’t forget to trigger Nitro to get to the checkpoints in time. Follow the challenges or test yourself in the endless mode. Smashing into blockers with full speed and jumpers add the fun factor. Race with 11 uniquely designed cars and try 14 cute characters. Climb steep hills and enjoy the view! Adrenaline junkie crash test dummies never sleep; play with them 24/7.
physics based racing game4 different environments with 3D, colorful and amazing graphicsSpecial gameplay elements: Nitro providing a burst of speed, jumpers, boostersChallenge system with 80 tracks and the endless mode entertain 24/7Free game, giving you adrenaline high18 characters with unique voiceover and animation7 cars, ch with unique physics and handlingSmall&Furious is an eduional game, lrn about rl-life physics by playingcrash test demonstration, crash test dummies look amazing when they crash!Ghost mode awakens your competitive inner self with follow the ghost and bt the ghost modes!

Small&Furious (Playboard) | Small&Furious (Play Store)

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