Thursday, May 26, 2016

rn Rl Cash Money By Downloading Android Apps

rn Rl Money by Downloading android apps. Before in this blog I Give you a a method to rn free Talktime by just installing android apps from Ladooo. So in this post thing is different . You can rn rl cash money by downloading sponsored apps.

You don't need to invest type of money in this method.
rn Money From Tapcash Android AppTapcash is android app that gives you rlcash money for downloading android apps. When you download apps from Tapcash . Tapcash give you credits. Credits is money. You can redeem your credits and rn money.
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How Much You can rn From TapcashIn One Day you can sily rn 5$ from Tapcash. When you invite five friends you rn 1$. When you invite five of your friends daily ,you rn 1$ in 10 Days.
There are many offer in this app for rning money.
How You Install and Configure this app.
First Download Tapcash From Google Play.Open Tapcash App go to Setting and Bind your account with Facebook.When you connect with facebook you are VIP Member of Tapcash.

If you want 200 Credits Instantly , Go to settings and click on invited by and Paste this below .
4026724When you entered above you instantly get 200 Credits in your Tapcash account.
You can also rn 1000 Credits by sharing this app on facebook and others platform.

How You Get Money From TapcashWhen you rn 1000 Credits ,Go to gifts section and Choose 1$ Paypal Card and enter your Paypal Account.

Download Tapcash From Google Play App

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