Thursday, May 26, 2016

Remotely Control Your Window 7 and 8 PC with RDP from Android Phone

We all know has its own RDP(Remote Desktop) fture. With this fture we can control any System from from anywhere from his ip and username. Here I tell you how can you connect your PC with your android mobile for remote desktoping.
This is very helpful when you get tired from PC. If you wanna try something new with with your android smartphone try this.
With this Android app you don't need to install any software because RDP is preinstalled in all PC.

So follow below steps for Remote Desktop in Android Mobile.

First thing we do is prepare our pc for Remote Desktoping.
In here I use 7 PC.
1. Open System Properties in PC.

2. Open Remote Settings.

3. Select Allow Connections Only from Secure Connections

4. Click on Apply.

Note:First Make sure that your phone is connect with your pc. If you don't how connect your mobile with pc follow our guide.Crte WiFi hotspot in 7 and share Internet With Android

Now you need to know your ip address. Press + R then type cmd and press enter.
In Command prompt type ipconfig . Now you see your local ip address.

That's it .Lve Pc and Pick up your phone for next steps.

Move On to Android.

1.Download Remote Desktop from Google Play.
2. When you open RDP app in below side you see+ sign click on that.

3. Now You need to Enter Some Information.Example You see below .

4.Tap On the checkmark and save your settings and enjoy rdp in android.

Now you simply control your winodws 7/ 8 PC from these trick without installing any software. If you wanna watch from android through RDP this is not possible with this software. Here I recommend you to download and install Splashtop Software and android app for Android Phone.

Splashtop 2: fast,free, innovative remote desktop for Android

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