Thursday, May 26, 2016

Prank Your Facebook Friends Using Zao Text Tool

Prank Your Facebook Friends Using Zao Text Tool How willyou feel when you see something scary on Facebook statuses? or something that looks like if is a bug on Facebook?Well, here i gonna share something exactly matching that same thing that will prank your Facebook friend by posting something scary/grungy text effect called zao text. I will provide you a link of zao text below that will allow you to erate amazing scary text that you can sily post on Facebook status even you can directly paste into Facebook chat

if you wanna see live demo about how exactly this working and looks like then you have a look at thisprophet ‘s facebook fan page post. So, if you like this amazing effect and want to post it on Facebook to prank your friends then below are full steps for getting this effect.
Step 1 Go to Zao Text
Step 2There you will see text tool like below :

Step 3 Now, just write something that you like on first box and your new scary zao text will be erated in the other box right on it’s side.
Step 4 Also you have some more option that you can configure in order to make your text effect more outstanding and look more scary, so check those too.Step 5 now you have to copy the text and then you can sily paste and post on your facebook timeline as statues update or into your facebook chat.

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