Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Program for Blocking Ads in All Browsers

Admuncher is one of the best ad blocker. Now this is totally free for all internet user. Admuncher is not a extension or Add-on that works with browser, Admuncher is a stand alone program. Admuncher block all type of ads like pop up ads,text ads, ads and much more.

Admuncher is best because this program block browser ads and software ads.
Blocking software ads in winamp,u or bit .With this program you block ads in chrome,internet explorer,opera,maxthon,mozilla firefox,safari.
Admuncher block youtube ads or ads.
This thing make your browsing experiance more better than before.

Block Ads In all Android Games, Apps and Browsers
Admuncher list filters more than 16,800 ads websites by default. You can also make your custom list.

Admunchers also block text you want. With the help of these program you can use your custom css and html. These setting save your computer bandwidth and also save your data.

When you install freeware software they show ads. Admuncher block all type of ads in your computer. Admuncher block all spyware apps ,adware apps and others malicious apps.
If you use Admuncher you can block all type of ads in Computer.
Admuncher is independent program for blocking ads in .
You can download Admuncher from Admuncher Website.This program size is only 547KB.
Download Admuncher

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