Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make New Wallpaper by Mixing Two Colors

Hi this is+Prophet ,previously i post about how to make new wallpaper by blurring your picture.Now this time we make new hd android mobile wallpaper by mixing two colors.Everyone wants some new combinitions of colors for your homescreen in android. Mixt app in android google play store make a new wallpaper by mixing two colors and set as homescreen wallpaper in android mobile.
Mixt allows you to erate a gradient by choosing two colors of your choice and set it as wallpaper.
Completely Ad-Free.
Give some color on your homescreen.Pro Tips! How to Make Good HD Wallpapers for Android MobileFor best results don't use colors far from ch other in the color spectrum (eg. red and blue, or complementary colors).
Instd, use colors close to ch other or the same color with different brightness (eg. lime and cyan, or light blue and dark blue).
If you use colors much different from ch other, use them with high brightness (eg. light red and light blue).
But in the end of the day, you are the one who choose what's best for your phone.

Mixt (Playboard) | Mixt (Play Store)

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