Thursday, May 26, 2016

How you rn 50$ Daily from Url Shortning

Shorte is make money site for everyone. If you run a blog , so you make lots of dollars with shorte make money program. In shorte you don't need money for investing. If you want money without doing hard works so this is simple way to rn lots of money.Shorte is works with url shortning.
What is Url ShortningYou hrd the name of url shortening. If you don't know what is this, then don't worry I tell you everything.URL shortening is a way of rning money by shorten url links like this. url is shortened when you open this link you see ad for 5 seconds . This is the way of rn money. If you shorten url and share on social media sites,you surely making money from it.Here we talking about a Best Shortening URL websites named

What is
They are based on Europe link shortener. is an advertising network based on links that are sprd over the Internet. Unlike other ad networks they don’t need even a single pixel of your precious webpage space. They simply take care of your links. Every time a user clicks a link on your website they will redirect to an intermediate page with an ad, after five seconds the visitor being taken to the destination URL.
How to Register with
You can join using any email or using facebook account. Visithereto register Rates per 1,000 views
Their rates changes daily maybe due to advertisers demand, therates ranges from 0.3$ - 1.66$depending on the country where the clicks came from.

Referral System of Shorte.stRN 20% on referrals - lifetime, so register now under my link if you wanthers a token of informing you on this rning opportunity.
How You recieve Money From is works with paypal. You need paypal account for taking out all of your money. Payment ProofsPayment Proof

Tips on Sharing links with
Most question will be "What will I share onFacebookor Twitter that may rn me more with

Here is the tip that I can give you...
1. Share Facebook s Links, like funny or scary photos and trending photos out there. No need to upload the photo, just view the uploaded by others and then right on the and copy the link/loion then that link you copied must shorten with your account and share it onFacebook. This will surely incrse your rnings.You may join facebook group with more than 1M members here were you can share your link to rn more in

2. YouTube links; like funny s, scary s and trending s, just srch on YouTube and you will find a lot to share, just copy the link of every then shorten the link and use that for sharing on Facebook, twitter or on any social media.

3. Blog Post Links:offcourse if you are a blogger you may shorten your link first before sharing it to any social media for you to rn from sharing your latest useful articles.
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