Thursday, May 26, 2016

How You Bypass the Internet Filters by Using Proxy Websites

Many times Your ISP and Country set some limit in your Internet like blocking websites. So here Today prophet Tell you everything about how to bypass ISP limits and browse the Internet like a Boss.
There are many ways for bypass the Internet but Here I only tell you proxy sites.
What is Proxy Sites ?Proxy sites help you to bypass the Internet Filters and you can sily access all blocked websites. Proxy sites works between your computer and website. If you open with proxy sites , your ISP thinks you browse proxy sites.You can also Use VPN for Bypass Internet Filters
So how can you use Proxy Sites for Bypass the InternetUsing Proxy websites is very simple, you need to open any proxy websites from below list and type the blocked websites or whatever you want.
Every website offer you many type of options like removing cookies and scripts.
With Proxy sites you can do many task beside bypassing.1. If you open a website and that website tell you some dns resolve error, Now that time proxy websites help you.2. Sometimes Internet connection is very slow , so you can use proxy sites and remove all objects like scripts and cookies.

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