Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to watch Latest shows and for free on your Android

Have you ever wondered if it were possible for you to watch and shows without having to pay for Netflix or any other kind of strming service? We have and we have found a way to do it too. Just sit tight and keep on rding and we will show you how you can watch and shows without any hassles or compliions for free on your phone.

The first thing you will have to do is download an app called Show Box. The app used to be on Google Play but was removed so you will have to sideload it on your Android phone. You can find the appliion package you will have to download on thedeveloper's website. Before you can sideload it though you will need to make sure that you have enabled third-party installs on your phone. Attempting to install it should allow the prompt to enable third-party installs to show up so it rlly isn’t a big dl.Once you open up the app and it finishes loading you can immediately see the wide array of and shows you can watch for free. If you look on the top of the app, you can choose between , shows, and other such egories in order to sort through the amount of shows and in the app.Once you pick a you wish to watch, you can simply tap on it and it will take you to a screen where you can view the or show poster, rd a short description about it and also view its IMDB rating. You can switch the quality in case you have a slow internet connection and you do not want the to lag and you can also watch the first if you are unsure about the . You can also choose between downloading the or strming it right off the web. shows pretty much work the same way too. The updates section is one that deserves a mention. You can view the new relses within the app from this tab and when something is available in higher quality, an update will also be posted about it in the section as well.The downloads section aggregates all media that has been downloaded through the app and shows you how the download is progressing as well. The app doesn’t use the built-in Android downloader so you have to keep track of the progress from within the app.That’s just about it. Now you can watch your favorite shows right off your Android phone. If you have tried out this service plse lve a comment below with your opinion on it and we will get back to you.

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