Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Control Your All Downloading from Any PC Browser or Any Android Mobile

Now days Everybody uses system for downloading large files like and software's. is one of the p2p file sharing network. We downloads lots of files from . Mostly People using u and bit client for downloading files.

Today in this post I tell you How can you control your , when you're away from you computer.
Remote U is grt system for controlling your all from anywhere with any computer and Android Mobile Device. With this system you can add new , remove old , pause and start and many more things.

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Remotely Control Your Window 7 and 8 PC with RDP from Android Phone
So How You Setup U Remote Access in Computer for U RemoteGo to options > preferences and select "remote" from the list on the left.

Check the box to enable "µ Remote access"
Choose a Computer name and and enter it here. Click the "Apply" button. After a few seconds, you should see "Status: Accessible". Close the preferences.You can now access your client from anywhere at from any browser by type this URL

When you type Above url you need to login with your computer name and .

U Remote is also available for all android devices. You need to only download U Remote android app from Google Play Store. With this remote u you can control your all like PC.
So Remote U is best service for controlling your all PC from anywhere or anypc. Try this service and give your comments in below box.Download U Remote for Android

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