Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Check If Your Android Device Is Rooted Or Not

We know what you Androidusers have been thinking: there is nothing worse in this world than thinking that you have root privileges on your favorite smartphone or tablet only to find out they have magically gone missing.

Okay, so maybe the harsh rlity of life does throw a few challenges at us that are significantly worse than that, but it can still be extremely confusing, annoyingly problematic when such a thing occurs without warning. If you’ve found yourself in this hd-scratching situation then it’s time to check outSimple Root Checker.
Simple Root Checker is one of those fantastic little appsthat has been named quiteliterally. It isn’t yet another wther app wrapped in a technical sounding name. Nor is it a talking kitty that you can tickle, feed and play with. The app, which has been crted by a developer namedCrota, allows Android Usersto efficiently check whether or not the devicehas the necessary and functioning installation of a of root pre-requisites.The developer of the app simply defines the app’s functionality as offering “the possibility to determinate, thanks to specific controls, the presence of the Root permissions, Superuser appliion and the proper installation of Busybox, showing also the version“. If that rather succinct definition doesn’t mn anything to you then the app also contains a rather comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section that should shed some light on the world ofrootto novice users.
There are a of rsons why a user might be a little surprised to lrn that they no longer have root access on the device. Over-the-air firmware updates can sometimes be the cause of a lot of hrtbrk. Sometimes it isn’t immediately evident that something has gone wrong during the process. As pointed out over at the XDAForums, it could also be an issue that is caused by the lack of BusyBox (a single executable that contains multiple common UNIX uTILITIES).Whatever the cause, there is now no need to waste countless hours trying to go through processes that require root access when it isn’t available. Simple Root Checker is a comprehensive solution that is available to downoadfor free, although it probably should be noted that this appDOES NOTactually root the device.(Download:Simple Root Checker for Androidon thePlayStore)Related Post :
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