Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hide Seen in Facebook

Hide seen in Facebook is a tipical problem.
In facebook when you rd messsage the seen button shows that your friends ,you rd the message .So if you wanna get rid off it try this.

Try Facebook Unseen Extension.This extension is avalible for Google Chrome Browser.

Facebook Seen

Blocks the ”seen” fture of the facebook messenger.

Facebook Unseen is a diminutive add-on for Google Chrome that blocks Facebook's rd receipts from being sent.

If you don't want to have your friends knowing when or if you've rd their messages, Facebook Unseen is the perfect extension to block those pesky rd receipts. While others may find it handy, it can be cumbersome if you have a friend who expects you to reply immediately.

Once this add-on is installed, there's nothing rlly much you need to do. Facebook Unseen is a small add-on that doesn't take up much room, as it only has to block a single line of to disable rd receipts from Facebook.

One cool fture of Facebook Unseen is the ability to manually mark a message as rd, giving you absolute control over who sees when you've rd a message. This fture will help to make it look less suspicious to your friends if you reply without the rd receipt showing up first.

Overall, Facebook Unseen is a simple but effective add-on that gives users more control over rd receipts in Facebook chat.Facebook Unseen Settings

Chrome Hide Seen Extension Download Link

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