Thursday, May 26, 2016

Google Now : Make your Android like a JARVIS

Google now is Virtual Mobile assistant that made by google .It is like a tecnology of future.Google now integrates with Google srch app.Google now also avalible for PC.

You see a Iron , Iron man has a JARVIS but now we have a google that can a talk with you ,walk with you and live with you .Google Now is an lit personal assistant developed by Google.
Having Google Now is like owning a personal assistant, giving you the ability to manage, srch for and organize your information sily within your phone. Your related srches, flight tickets, restaurant reservation, friends’ calling frinds,set alarms , loion and more are presented in specific and minimalistic classic Google Now cards.
Google Now is availble for only 4.1+ android OS.

The official introduction for Google Now has the tag line ‘Google Now gets you just the right information at just the right time.’ Initial impressions showed it was going to be more than a voice activated information service; and more than a personal organiser.Top 5 Apps from Google Can make your Android Better

What Are Google Now Cards?

Using a series of ‘cards’ Google Now organises your information in a logical fashion, and automatically displays them when you are most likely to need them based on your recent srch activity, loion, and appointments. As Google Now gets to know more about you these cards are customised and will appr on the srch bar of the Google Now screen.

Google card is word or command line that can listen by google now and come with a response.Google Cards are Many Types
Specialized cards currently comprise:

Activity summary (walking/cycling)Boarding passConcertsCurrencyDeveloping story and brking newsEventsEvent remindersFandango (ticket service)FlightsFriends' birthdaysHotelsLoion remindersNrby attractionsNrby eventsNrby photo spotsNew albums/books/ games/ episodesNews topicNext appointmentPackagesParking loionPlacesPublic alertsPublic transitResrch topicRestaurant reservationsStocksTime at homeTime remindersTraffic and transitTranslationWtherWebsite updateWhat to watchYour birthdayGoogle Now Cards with Example.You can find google cards inside the app.
Boarding PassWtherHotelsPackagesTime RemindersZillowNew booksPublic alertsNew albumsPublic TransitNews topic cardCurrencyWebsite update card
Activity SummaryTraffic & TransitRestaurant ReservationsFriends' BirthdaysLoion RemindersConcertsDeveloping story & brking newsFandangoPlacesNrby photo spotsTime at homeWhat to watch card
Next AppointmentFlightsEventsYour BirthdayEvent RemindersStocksResrch topicNew gamesNrby eventsTranslationNrby AttractionsNew episodes
Wanna More details about Card go here
Google Now run only 4.1+ devices .

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