Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download Google Inbox better from Google Gmail

Inbox is latest Email service that works with your Gmail. Besides this is the advanced form of gmail. We know that Gmail is almost yrs old service. These service same trt just like before 10 Yrs. That's why Google Make Inbox this is totally different from Gmail and better serve you.
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Inbox service is now in trial period that's why this is not avalible for all.

How Google Inbox is better from Old Gmail ?

First Google Inbox is advanced form of gmail. Google Inbox identify your important emails and show them in bundles. You see your important email in Highlights like check in Flights,shopping Delivery.More than Gmail you can set remainder like calling-messaging and hangouts.You can snooze remainders and email to next day,week or whatever.With Inbox srch system is upgrade ,you can srch flights,places like Google Now.Now Overall Inbox give you rltime updates that's why this is better from Gmail.
Yet I don't know all ftures of Google Inbox. But when I know all I post a better guide for you.

How Can you download and apply Invite for Google Inbox

Method 1
Go to Google Inbox Webpage and request Invite.
Method 2
If your friend got Google Inbox invite , ask him for inviting you.
This is the best option because when your friend invites you, You got instantly Google Inbox service.

Google Inbox works in Both Mobile and Desktop.
Download Google Inbox Android app.
For PC go to

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