Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download Android & Security Apps - Series 1

Android Apps is a word that most srched on Google.But when you srch it on google ,I think you not find useful apps for and Penetration Testing on Android.

Many new fake android and security apps are come in Internet for Android Mobile.Here i provide you series of Security and android apps that turns your android phone into a Machine.Basically+Prophet start a series of Free android tools on prophet blog. In this series we post Top 3 Best Free and Security tools for Android every Week. In this series you got a full collection of and security apps.

rn Free Mobile Recharge instantly with Ladoo Android AppYou lrn various type of attacks like Wifi ,network brching ,network sniffing and execute s in android mobile.Now ,start first part of this series android apps.First you install any type of android apps in phone make sure that you can root your phone.
Top 10 rsons Why you Root your Android Phone.
Top 1-3 Best Free Android Security and AppsWiFi-Kill: Disable Other Devices Connection on Wifi and t all BandwidthWhen we start android first topic is how to WiFi network. First ,I tell you there is no app on Internet and Google play there is wifi directly from android mobile.Many fake and prank apps avalible on google play store that can make fool you.
But we can brch WiFi network if we connected with WiFi network.We can stop other user WiFi Internet Connection from our android mobile.This is called a WiFi Network not a wifi .This is simple by any android mobile.You can also see what websites open by other user on same network.You can stop other wifi internet connection and gain internet in your android mobile.

Wifi Inspect: and Monitoring Wifi Network with Android
Brk the security of wifi network by android mobile from these android apps named WiFi Inspect.

This app can monitor all wifi network your phone.This app gives you all type of information like who connected your wifi network.You can run various type of scans like port scan,upnp scan,ping and more.

MacChanger: Change/Spoof Mac Address of your Android Phone.Whenever you run any type of activity in android mobile,first make sure that you can change your mac address of android phone that you are using for android .

In Internet world your identity is your ip and mac address.So here we discuss how can you change ya spoof your mac address in android mobile phone.Changing mac is good decission in limit data wifi like colleges and KFC.

Download Android & Security Apps - Series 2 coming on next week.

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