Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download Android L board for Android Mobile

Week ago,Google launches preview version of Android L OS for developers and beta testers. Android L has many ftures.One of those is upgraded board app for android mobile.
Google’s Android L board has been extracted and is now available as a standalone app, courtesy of Android modder Shen Ye. The app is free to install, and works just like any other third party board on your phone. They board has nrly all of the same functions as the board in the L preview, and maintains all of the same visual stylings.
Developer Shen Ye pulled the Android L version of the board out of the developer preview and uploaded it to the Play Store unofficially. While it's largely unchanged from the existing version, you can enable the new Material Design skin under the settings. Also, mercifully, the new version moves the voice input button to the suggestion bar to make room for a comma button next to the board so you don't need a long-press to access it.

Android L board (Playboard) | Android L board (Play Store)

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