Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download All Gmail to the Computer for Offline Rding

Download all gmail mails to the computer is make your personal backup. This process is totally free and not to any big settings.In this post I tell you how can you download all gmail mails incuding trash and drafts to the computer. This thing is very helpful because sometimes internet is gone. So below you find instructions. I think you also need to see this.Download all Facebook data – Backup your entire FB Life
How you download all Gmail mails to the computer as a personal backup.
In here we use Google awesome service for backup named Google Takeout. Google Takeout make backup file for your all google activities like gmail,photos,drive,loion history and all google services. But here we use only gmail backup.1. First open Google Takeout website.
2. Select only Gmail.(If you want backup all google data backup so select all)
3. Scroll the page you see Next click on that.
4. Now Click on crte Archieve button.
5. Now Google Take sometime to prepare you archive. It almost completed in 1hour.
6. When your archive is completed. Google will mail you.
Open Your Gmail and Find Google Takeout Mail and click on Download Link.
Open Google Mail Backup File
Now you download Google Mail Backup File. This Google Mail Backup in .mbox format. So you need to download software for opening that type of file.Downlaod MBOX Viewer and RderAlternatives of these software is MBOX View.

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