Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download all Facebook data – Backup your entire FB Life

Facebook is our Social Life . Everybody want backup of your life so its not possible but backup of your FB Social Life is Possible.There are billions of people having their account active on Facebook and the incrses day by day. Do you know how Facebook attained such fame? Only Mark and his tm know the secret. The entire concept behind Facebook is simple, just interaction; it made people to communie better. The growing population on Facebook has made itself the biggest resource to find information on any individual (A preferred portal for communiion).Think about all your personal data and information that you uploaded to Facebook database for more than yrs. All that happening moments (s, photos, and messages) are rlly valuable, so why not have a backup on all your Facebook data. Here in this article we will see how to download all Facebook data.Related:Download all data from Google using Google Takeout -Backup of your Google Life
Facebook lets you to download every single piece of information that you used and uploaded on Facebook. People who are rlly fed up using Facebook for yrs will likely think about discontinuing the service. Before dctivating the account they can have the backup of all their data.Now it’s time to request a copy of all your personal information that Facebook holds. Downloading all your data from Facebook is simple, just follow the steps below.
How to download all Facebook data – Backup your entire Facebook dataWhen on Facebook, you will see a gr icon at the top right corner just next to your username. Click on that and select account settings. Now in account settings you will notice a link saying “download a copy of you Facebook data” that is under language settings.This link will take you to next page which says download your information “A copy of personal information you’ve shared on Facebook.Your personal information is something more sensitive, so to download archive you will be asked to re-enter your Facebook account .After entering your , click on start my archive and ln back. Be patient until Facebook collects all your data and crtes an archive. The process will take a while depending upon how much content you have fed in to Facebook from the beginning. Now check your mail.You don’t have to keep the page open until you get your download. When Facebook completes your request it will automatically sends a notifiion to your e-mail address. Click on the link from email before it expires or else you have to start the process again. Don’t panic, the link will be active for more than a day and crting your archive is not that difficult.Now you have downloaded all your Facebook data to your PC in a zip file. Extract it and there you are in which the file contains all your photos and s.What is included in Facebook data archives?The downloaded zip file contains all the following information.About me information that you added in your timeline which includes your work, address, relationship and eduion.All your chat history, conversations and messages that you left on FacebookList of all your friendsYour timeline photos, profile pictures, cover photos and sAll events that you crted, your friends invited and joined.Comments that you made on your timeline, your friends timeline, on posts, photos etc.All wall activities such as pages, photos, posts, s that you liked, shared and tagged.Ads – List of your ad topics based on your likes and interests. All the ads that you clicked in Facebook.List of pokes that you have made on others and pokes that you received.All your Facebook account settings, notifiion settings and privacy settings.Active sessions details – Contains all your account login and logout information based on date, time, IP address, browser and cookie details.You can find more information here atFacebook help centerIt’s rlly nice to look at the profile timeline from the beginning. It calls our memories back, thanks to Facebook for providing this fture. Finally note that the downloaded file contains your timeline information which is more private, so it’s your responsibility to secure it.Related ArticlesFree Phone Call with Facebook Android Messanger:Any Facebook UserUpdate Facebook status via any deviceOnline FB ID Finder Tool

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