Thursday, May 26, 2016

Design Your Own Logo in Google Material Design Format

Design your logo and type of your name in Google Material Design Format. This process is very simple this can takes only seconds. Everybody know google always do something new for Google Users.

This time they make a logo maker web app. This web app host on website. Google Tm make this app and named of this Logo maker is Form Type Maker. Form Type maker is truly inspired by Google New Material Design.Most Important Top 10 Google Srch TricksHow can you make your own logo in Form Type MakerOpen Form Type Maker WebsiteType your name.Choose color from right side.Click on play button for preview of GifNow the last thing is click on Download Button.

You see Prophet Website Logo is also make by this app. With this web app you can also make your website or blog logo. Or You can make your own logo and set wallpaper in your android phone.

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