Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crte your Own Meme with own picture in Android or PC

In these days many people sharing memes on Facebook and Twitter. So how can you make your own meme and sharing on Social Networking Websites.
In here I tell you make memes in Android Phone or PC.
If you want crte advanced meme photos , so I suggest you to download Picasa Software for .

So how can you crte quickly meme in Android or PC.
Add Own /Photo/Picture in Music Files
Crte Meme in PCFor PC crting meme is so simple. If you want crte meme without software you need toopen some meme website. Meme websites provide you all tools and templates for crting memes. Below I suggest you
3 Websites for Crting Memes Online.
Crte your own meme with own picture and share with your friends.

Crte Meme in Android PhoneWe all know android is all in one machine. In android phone store there are many apps available for crting memes. You need to download some best meme and maker android app for your phone. With these app you found lots of templates for editing your own thoughts.

Download Meme for Android

In Facebook you see lots of memes go viral on these days. So upload your memes and wait for virality.

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