Thursday, May 26, 2016

Crte, Make and Change Your Android Boot Animation

We like changes in Android.In android there is default bootanimation we don't like them. So we stumble them.Changing a boot animation is taking a risk .Here we talking about how can you crte and install a custom boot animation in your android.
First you confirm that your android is root or not.Related Articles:How To Check If Your Android Device Is Rooted Or NotHow To Root In AndroidWhen you confirm that your android is root so beginto next step:

Boot Animations (Root) App.Description
Welcome to the best Boot Animation manager on Android. This app contains more ftures and boot animations than any other app!Ftures include:
★ 300+ custom boot animations
★ Convert any animated GIF to a boot animation
★ Install boot animations from your SD card
★ Root file explorer (all ftures included)
★ Convert boot animations to animated GIFs
★ Preview boot animations
★ Randomize your boot animations (new boot animation ch reboot)
★ Resize any boot animation and change the FPS
★ Backup/Restore multiple boot animations
★ Disable your boot animation for a faster boot
Disclaimer:Android has a few places where boot animations can be installed to. It may be that your install loion isn’t correct. You can select different install loions by clicking menu >> Install Loion inside the app. The app also can help you find your install loion by clicking menu >> Preferences >> Find loions.Plse make sure that the boot animation matches the resolution of your device or is smaller. Re-sizing the animation doesn’t always work and sometimes causes a blank screen rather than a boot animation. Some manufactures (e.g. ) don’t use the standard format for boot animations. For devices that do not support the original format you will need to install a custom kernel which supports the standard boot animation. Flashing this ZIP in recovery will fix the issue on most Sumsung devices. Plse make a current nandroid backup before flashing. ROM Installer may be used to flash the ZIP file.Unfortunately, We don’t own ch Android device but we have tested installing boot animations on as many devices as we can. We will continue to do our best at making the install process as smooth as possible.Step by step guide1. Download thecustom boot animations whatyou want,here is a collection of custom boot animation download linkhere,here,here.2. Grab theBoot animations rootapphere.3. Open the app then chooseBackup/Restorethrough the menu options. Backup your original boot animation by tappingBackup. (You can restore your original boot animation from here too with theRestoreoption.)
4. Loeyour custom boot animation file (in this case, ‘’).Long-pressthe zip file then chooseInstall.Note:File names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’ before installing it.5. After you have done installing,rebootyour device to see your new custom boot animation.And that’s it. You now know how to customize your boot animation.Related ArticlesSetup Multiwindow on Android through XMultiWindowsy Android ROMs Customization Through Xposed Framework

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