Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change the way of looking your photos in android with Scene

If you want something diffrenet from your android mobile.Try new apps ,like here we try scene android app,this app can change the look and feel of your photos gallery.This can make your photos presentation in mobile wow.You can make your hd wallpapers and camera photos more interesting with this android app.Scene: A new way to do photosWith its simple design and intuitive controls, Scene is your ticket to the fastest, most intuitive photo browsing, organizing, and sharing experience on Android.
Whether with friends, family, or on your own, Scene is here to help you get the most out of your photos.
SCENE'S FTURES● Browse intuitively
- List all your photos, shown with dates for sy browsing
- Find that special shot by the date it was taken
- Jump back in time with calendar view and smart slider
- Fast, even with libraries of tens of thousands of photos
● Organize with se
- Drag and drop photos into albums with the flick of a finger
- Making albums is sy and convenient, even with lots of photos
- Add captions or notes to the photos in your albums
- Make as many albums as you like, with up to 1,000 photos ch
- Sync your albums with other smart or tablets (account required)
● Share effortlessly
- Share your albums privately, with just the people you choose
- sy sharing via email, LINE, SMS, and more
- Share with friends even if they don't have Scene
- Shared albums can be viewed on PCs and fture
- Friends can help build albums by adding their own photos
- Share unlimited photos, with no time limit (ch album holds 1,000 photos max)

- You have so many photos you can't find what you're looking for
- You want to organize your photos quickly and sily
- You're on vaion with friends or family and want to share pics
- Sharing photos one-by-one is a pain for everyone involved. Here's a better way!
- You want to share photos of the kids with your extended family
- You want to share photos privately, but aren't 100% sure about Facebook's privacy settings
- You've got 300+ photos from an event, and want an sy way to share them with everyone who attended
Scene: A new way to do photos (Playboard) | Scene: A new way to do photos (Play Store)

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