Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change Gmail Account Background Picture

Gmail is one of the best way for send and receive emails. But black and white lines are not so good compare than picture. Google know this thing that's why, Google give you a option to change background picture in gmail. When you change picture in gmail,your gmail looks awesome. Goggle Gmail service give you a variety of options for changing Gmail Apprance. In here we give you some tips for changing your gmailemail list looks.

How You Change/Set GmailAccount Background PictureYou need to some clicks on settings and hola ,you can change picture in gmail. Steps are below:-
Open in your Computer browser.Now your gmail open,In right side you see a settings button,Click on that and choose themes.In themes section(In this section you can change color and in gmail account) scroll down and you see select abackground link ,click on that.Now gmail give you a option to upload your background or you can set ftured s.This is four lines steps to set picture in gmail Service. I think this change give a new look to your gmail.Download all data from Google using Google Takeout -Backup of your Google Life

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