Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change Default Folder Icon In 7 and 8

Hi Friends, In this post I tell you how can you change your default folder icons in 7 and 8. You see window os has a yellow folder icon on every folder.
If you wanna make your computer awesome then change default folder icon first. If you see yellow color in every directory and every drive ,you get bored man. If you give your computer a new look, you never bored. So how can you choose best folder icon for your folder. In below steps you find your all answer.
How to Change the Color of Window 7 and 8 Folder

Steps to Change Folder Icon.

First You need to download from icons collection website like"Icon Archive" & "Icon Finder". These two website have largest collection of free icon sets.

Then choose the folder and right click on that folder.Click on properties button.In right side, choose customize.Below you see Change Icon Button Click on that.Pop up open,browse the ico file in you download folder.Choose your .con file and click on that apply.You successfully changed your folder icon.

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