Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bypass Android Pattern Lockscreen using CMD

Make sure that your computer is set up with ADB (Android Debug Bridge ).
Download ADB Drivers from here:ADB Driver
Download ADB File from here: ADB

Make sure that your Android Device settings for "USB debugging " is ENABLED or Active

Android 4.0 users : Home > Settings>Developers Options>USB Debugging >Check the box to enable

Make sure that your computer is equipped with necessary drivers and use your native USB Cable.
Follow this Steps :Plug-in your device to your PC using your USB cable (works on , Mac and Linux). Make sure that you have an active pattern screenlock.Now Right Click with pressing SHIFT button on adb folder and open with command window hereOn the cmd window type in "adb devices" (no quotation marks) then hit enter. On the cmd window type in "adb shell" (no quotation marks) then hit enter.Now shell is open ,type "su" (no quotation marks) (super user now you are a root user ) After entering type "rm /data/system/gesture."(no quotation marks) then hit enter. After your phone fires up unplug it to your PC then your good to go... CONGRATULATIONS you successfully bypassed your Pattern Lock Screen, your phone now will accept any pattern you will draw on the lock screen as VALID andCORRECT.
This is very cool ,you can enter any type of gesture ,your phone accept it.

Now if you're thinking that your phone's lock screen is not working properly. You can crte a new Pattern as normal as you did before the process like nothings happend. This will not hurt your phone's functions if you follow the steps.To crte Pattern just go to:Home>Apps>Settings>Security>Screen lock>Pattern (4.0.3 Ice Crm Sandwich)
Home>Apps>Settings>Lock screen>Pattern (4.1.2 Jelly Bn

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